Public invited to Bundy family support event

The public is invited to a support event for the Bundy family, Cliven, Ryan, Mel, Ammon and Davey, on Saturday, Sep. 24 featuring dinner and dancing. A Dutch Oven dinner will be served beginning at 5 p.m. with entertainment and a live/silent auction from 6 – 10 p.m. Donations will be accepted for the auction. All proceeds go to the Bundy family. Those attending are asked to bring chairs and blankets for seating. The event will be held at the Old Firehouse, 8354 North Sapphire Dr, Diamond Valley, UT. For questions please contact EllaMay Walther, at 702-346-5602.



  1. Duane & Joy says:

    Are you kidding! The men have broken the law for years. They are where they should be!

    • Rebecca Thompson says:

      All of this mess happened because Harry Reid promised the Bundys land to the Chinese to build a power plant and the Chinese need the water rights in order to run their power plant in which the Bundys own. If they truly broke the law the BLM would not have released the cattle. If you think the Bundys are imprisoned because they broke the law then pray the Lord that the government doesn’t ever want something you own. The government can arrest and imprisoned any one of us at any given time for any made up charge they choose to accuse you of so be careful Karma is real. I have personally met the Bundys I have bought produce and beef from them they have always been very polite gracious people. When I was moving things into my apartment Mel Bundy was visiting next door and he came over and helped carry everything upstairs to my apartment without my asking even his daughters helped. The Bundys are Gid fearing loving family who just want to support the family and live in peace. Please don’t let the government fool you into believing all the lies they tell trust that this was all do to Harry Reid,s promise to the Chinese. Google it find out for yourself. Thank you Rebecca Thompson

      • Patriot's Bane says:

        God fearing, you say? All those issues you have raised have been debunked. The Bundys and their followers engaged in criminal activity both in NV and OR. We the People™ are not amused at their antics of degrading and attempting to take over lands that belong in trust to all of us. I hope they are incarcerated for a very very long time. I am very vexed at them.

  2. Why would the paper put this in?
    These thugs got what they deserved and now you are asking the public for support?
    Let all the wanna be cowpunks who showed up with there guns support them.
    Bundys and all the others stuck there nose in other business that did not concern them- and the government gave them enough rope to hang themselves – and they did.
    Let these cowpunks rot in jail- they are not going to get oughta this one.
    Thought they were untouchable- NOT!

  3. I agree., No support for these squatters who took the land as if it were theirs and refused to pay for it. Thieves, that’s what they are. Illiterate, useless people who think they are entitled to all our property and rights. Put them in jail and let them rot.

    • Rebecca Thompson says:

      The family has owned the land for years and years they helped found this area.

      • Patriot's Bane says:

        That is incorrect. They “own” 160 acres. The do not own the land their cattle are trespassing on. If you had a renter and they refused to pay rent, damaged the unit and pointed guns at you, you’d be OK with that? They think they are above the law and will act on their peculiar interpretation of it.

      • They have NEVER owned the BLM land. They leased the grazing rights, then stopped paying. WHY is it you Bundy supporters never ever get this story right? Cliven et al still to this day aren’t paying grazing fees and never will. They own 160 acres not the entire southwest! Sheesh!

  4. Cliven Must Be Such A Proud Father
    I do have some sorrow for the Bundy’s (other than those in jail). What I don’t understand is the Bundy’s always put the blame of their problems/actions on others. For my actions I have been taught to be prepared to take responsibility and to think of the consequences of what I do before I act.
    Cliven has not taught his children to think before they act. The true sadness is when I see all the children without fathers and a Grandfather. This was not caused by others, but from the actions of the Bundy’s and so called “Patriots”.
    Will the Bundy children follow the same example of those that are now in jail, which will bring the same fate, OR will the children be taught to obey the law and contribute to the community with actions that will bring happiness and joy to them and those around them?
    The Bundy’s need to take responsibility for their actions. They need to think of their influence on their children. With no remorse shown from the Bundy’s the future for them will only bring many years of family sadness and hatred toward others.

  5. Two dozen (+) are in jail and soon going to prison for actions that Bundy and their supporters believe are justified under the American Constitution.

    Where in the Constitution does it state that every person has the right to destroy government property? Where does the Constitution state that if you do not want to pay grazing fees its ok?

    I pay my fees to visit state parks. I pay my fees to off road through public land. I do this knowing my children will enjoy the same preserved parks to pass on to their children. This is my land! Not the Koch Brothers and certainly not the Bundy’s

    I am really tired of hearing the negative comments from the Bundy’s and their supporters against the Government and all the Americans who are proud to be an American.

    Bundy’s and all involved will get what is due! In my opinion the Bundy’s are an embarrassment to the State of Nevada, the Mormon Church and the Nation!

  6. Two police officers and a civilian died as a result of Cliven “whatever it takes” Bundy’s call to action. They all deserve long prison sentences.

  7. Shelly Winston says:

    Taking over a property that we all own with guns is armed robber of the American People. Trying to put a creepy cult-religion shadow government in place, taunting the police and FBI. I hope these creeps go to prison for life. Shame on you for supporting cult criminals.

  8. Concerned Businessman says:

    Please consider pulling this article in support of the Bundys.

    I may have to pull our advertisement from your paper if you fail to.


    Concerned and disappointed business owner.

  9. Rebecca Thompson says:

    I bet most of the people saying horrible things about the Bundys are the same people who will vote for Hillary Clinton the woman who has committed treasonagainst our country and lied repeatedly yet everyone seems to still love her. I think most people are like ostriches with their heads stuck in the ground ignoring to see what Obama Hillary and the rest of the government are doing to us. Look how many house and Senate people set down during the national anthem. Please Google it and find out don’t be fooled. Check into Harry Reid, s promise to the Chinese and pray the power plant he promised they could build here isn’t Nuclear.

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