Letter to the editor-Eugene M. Hughes

Dear Editor:  I have seen nothing but positive comments and studies on the use of medical and recreational marijuana displayed in your newspapers and on TV, in southern Nevada.  Are there any studies that you are aware of that discusses the negative effects of marijuana? 

Just a few questions:  1- Do individuals build up a tolerance to marijuana?  Do you need more and more of the drug to receive the same effect to the body?  If so will that cause major problems in the future?  2- Could you explain the term synergistic effect, as related to drug use?   We have a local young lady, probably, still serving time in prison for killing a number of youths, as they picked up litter along the freeway. One of her drugs of choice was marijuana.  3- What about carbon monoxide, will it create a problem?  Anything that is smoked, gives off carbon monoxide, the red blood cell will except carbon monoxide, according to studies, 30 times, or 3000% faster than oxygen.  Will that create problems for the marijuana user?  4- Does smoking marijuana give off residue, such as tar, with tobacco?  If so would it be light green instead of light brown?  Would it cause cancer or emphysema, after all it took over 200 years to determine that tobacco caused cancer.  We should know a few years down the road.  5- Would the expense, in the future, be more that the benefits or income, that was explained in your article?  After all the drug is a depressant and hallucinogen and the most recent studies from Colorado show that more youth are ending up in the emergency rooms because of the drug.  Your research needs to be stated honestly. 

I have many more questions about this drug but if the main reason for the legalization of this drug is to fill the city coffers, why don’t we allow this company to grow poppies in one corner of the building and put a meth lab in the other corner, that way people could get a high and low at the same time.  If this drug is such a wonder drug, why don’t we have the pharmacist sell it legally, instead of a pothead, in a building on the outskirts of town?  Just wondering! 

Eugene M. Hughes

Mesquite, NV



  1. You are a IDIOT

    • Wow – that was not called for and inappropriate. If you have something to say, offer something constructive via your own thoughts. Name-calling is for children.

  2. Mr Hughes. I totally agree with you and would have all the same questions. Colorado seems to be having second thoughts since “medical” turns into recreational in a few easy steps.

    • What kind of second thoughts? Where to best use all the extra tax dollars where it will do the most good? How to best use their police force to track down rapists, thugs and murders with all the extra time they now have because they don’t have to bust adults for making simple life choices? Believe me, soon all states will decriminalize marijuana and the feds will follow suit. And not one of them will ever go back their ridiculous old laws about marijuana. How much do you think it costs us every year to arrest, prosecute and jail people for simple possession and sales? It’s staggering and ridiculous.

  3. Ruth Pacheco says:

    I agree with Mo! You are talking street marijuana not medical marijuana that helps millions of people including children with serious health issues & the people don’t smoke it! You need to get your facts straight Mr. Huges!!!!

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      In reply to Ruth,

      People absolutely do smoke medical marijuana, they also ingest it. I’m an advocate completely for it but please get your facts straight before you argue a point for marijuana. Just as you demand that Mr. Hughes has his straight, please have yours straight as well. It does no good to advocate something by arguing incorrect points.

  4. And Hughes was a teacher? He can’t be that uninformed. Come on Eugene. Do some real research and wake up.

  5. Are you serious right now Mr. Hughes? how can someone so terribly uninformed have the right to vote and deny people the right to their much needed medicine? And when it becomes legal for recreational use, which it will, what right do you have to dictate to someone else what they can and can not do? My guess is that you are a senior citizen, have you no vices? Or have you ever? Do you smoke? Have you ever? Do you drink? Do you gamble? All of these things destroy lives and families, yet we have the freedom to do them, don’t we? Marijuana has NEVER been proven to kill anyone, nor is it nearly as addictive as cigarettes, alcohol, or gambling. And comparing it to opium and crystal meth is plain stupid. And by the way, that “pot head” you speak of, was able to bring $9M+ to invest in our town. What have you done to bring jobs and income to Mesquite?

  6. Amy Marshall says:

    There is a vast difference between street pot, and legally controlled pot. Medical marijuana, as well as legal marijuana, has very strict guidelines as to how it can be grown and processed. I can say with certainty I would rather see pot legal than alcohol.

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