Honestly, Pay for play is Clinton way

Sherman Frederick sparks tribune

Sherman Frederick

Forget an “October Surprise” that will disqualify Hillary Clinton from the presidency. That happened in August. Lucky for her Donald Trump is her opponent.

Email begrudgingly released by the State Department this month showed beyond a reasonable doubt that Ms. Clinton violated her promise to separate the Clinton Foundation from government business.

The email showed Clinton being Clinton – engaging in a practice called “Pay For Play”. It’s a time-worn practice, admittedly. But the Clintons have taken the scheme to new heights, using the Clinton Foundation to build immense wealth for themselves by washing their income, expenses and lavish lifestyle through their “charity”, and I use the term loosely. In an exchange process that operates with a wink and nod and based on the notion that it’s not what you know but who you know, the Clintons have parlayed their public service into wealth. The speaking fees for Hillary and Bill of between $300,000 to $750,000 per pop, are just one way we know they profit.

That’s why President Obama wanted a firewall agreement in place between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department before she was named Secretary of State. She apparently violated it from day one.

The conservative advocacy group Judicial Watch, using the Freedom of Information Act, obtained a series of email traffic between Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin and Douglas Band. Band was a Clinton Foundation executive. Abedin and Mills were top aides to Hillary at the State Department.

One email has Band reaching out to Mills and Abedin to connect Gilbert Chagouri, a Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire with the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon.

Chagouri paid big bucks to the Clinton charity. Now he wanted to play.

Another e-mail, heavily redacted, is titled “A Favor”. It goes from Band to Mills and Abedin and says “Important to take of (name redacted).” Abedin replies: “We have all had him on our radar … personnel has been sending him options.”

This all happened within the first six months of Hillary taking over the State Department. Who knows what else happened in the ensuing three-and-a-half years of her tenure.

What we do know is that when Hillary becomes our next president, the Clinton Foundation will do very, very well.

Sherman Frederick is a longtime Nevadan and the founder of Battle Born Media. You can reach him at shermfrederick@gmail.com.


  1. Oh My Goodness………The US State Department referring a Lebanese businessman to the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon?? What a scandal…NOT. That is what they DO!!!!! And then the Lebanese Businessman asks for something that likely involves a recommendation for personnel (like maybe an english speaking interpreter, or/). Wow…again kinda sounds like a service that a State Department would and should do. So in 6 months the State Department helped a Lebanese Businessman contact and work with the Lebanese Ambassador…OH, The HORROR.. Who knows what else happened in the next 3.5 years? Hell, they may have helped more Lebanese businesses and government officials connect with the US Ambassador in Lebanon. And you call this a news story and a “scandal”? BBM is staring to sound more and more like Breitbart.

  2. Margaret J Clark says:

    Hope the October surprise is better than this!

  3. Dave Francis says:

    All I know is absolutely NOTHING is going to change under the reign of the Democrat Clinton Crime family, that why I am voting for Donald Trump. For this one time Democrat it will be like voting a third term for President Obama. Who turned out to be a weak Commander in Chief; more interested in giving free handouts to foreigner, than American citizens and legal immigrants? For generations my family has been blue collar Democrats or Independents? Not this time? ALL HE HAS DONE IS TAX AND SPEND. My family and I, are not falling for the far Left Liberal tricks anymore? Half of the near $20 Trillion deficit can be blamed on this administration. She is going to import into this country 650.000 incompatible Middle Eastern people with our sovereign nation who want to kill us.

    Hillary has also pledged to open the borders, so millions of more welfare illegal aliens already here and the escalation of those coming is stealing jobs from Americans. This insane idea is because she is controlled by billionaire George Soros, a radical socialist who is trying to destroy our national sovereignty. Black citizens are especially susceptible to the invaders, who are being hired as cheap labor. No races are exempt from this explosion of refugees and foreigners from Mexico, and now the US Border Patrol has seen crossers from a wide range of foreign countries. I am for the TRUMP wall to not only blocks the invaders, but the drugs pouring through this open territory, where our own people are terrorized.

    So much more is on the table in this campaign and only one man, can end this situation–period. I watched a rather eye opening documentary called “Clinton Cash” on One American News Network and U-Tube and what has been happening is disgusting. The American people have been lied to, by following CNN and other biased TV stations and media? This woman Hillary who wants to be President has been stealing money from poverty stricken countries for years and collecting money from oppressive countries, treating females worse than slaves. I have seen the brutality of countries as Saudi Arabia where according to your gender; you’re stoned to death or beheaded. Madam Hillary says she will not take donations from these terrorist inspired countries again, then why did she in the first place. She lost my vote, knowing now that their sudden wealth of over a $100 million dollars is for granting favors; while she was head of the State Dept. Seeing for myself many pictures of this ex Department of State criminal, she seems to have trouble standing and other health issues? NEVER AGAIN! BETWEEN BIll Clinton, a sexual pervert and her they signed on to the NAFTA (Mexico) agreement sacrificing millions of jobs in the auto industry. Now the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) that will be even worse for blue collar workers like me? VP Biden would be a better president than Madam Hillary? At least he seems trustworthy?

  4. You need to stop watching FOX news, and educate yourself on the facts. Pay to Play has been widely debunked, and we hear nothing about the same type of deal and Colin Powell, who I respect a great deal. The Clinton Foundation has done fantastic things on a global scale. And as for a “third term Obama”–doubt it. I have to say, I would rather see ANYONE other than Trump with access to the nuclear codes. Wait for the debates. If he behaves against Clinton the way he behaved at the Republican debates, he’s going to lose. He doesn’t have the temperament, nor the smarts to refrain from grammar school name-calling. We need to see REAL policy from him, and hope that he drops the ridiculous notion of a wall :”that Mexico will pay for.” Mexico’s president has already said no way. And before you toss “Benghazi” out there, look at Bush’s records, and how many died in embassies under his administration.

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