What is a Republican Form of Government?

Excerpts From The Center for Civic Education, Cont.

The Founders of the United States of America studied the history of government. They were very interested in what they read about the government of the Roman Republic. It was located in what is now the country of Italy. The Roman Republic existed more than 2,000 years before our nation began.

The government of Rome was called a Republican Government The Founders read that the of Rome, Italy was one in which


    1. The power of the government is held by the people
    2. The people give the power to the people they elect to represent them and serve their

interests. .

  1. The representatives are responsible for helping all the people in the country, not just a few people.

Vocabulary Terms:

Representatives – people elected to act for others

Interests – those things which are to a persons’ benefit

What are the advantages of a Republican Form of Government?

The Founders started a Republican government. They found it was the best kind of government they could choose for themselves. They believed that the advantage of a Republican Government brings:

  1. Fairness. They believed that laws made by the Representatives they elected would be fair. If their Representatives did not make their laws fair, they could elect others who would.
  2. Common welfare. The laws would help everyone instead of one person or a few favorite people.
  3. Freedom and Prosperity. People would have greater freedom and be able to live well.




  1. johninnv says:

    And so it was until the wealth class started buying favors from the elected representatives. Then they gave their purchased representatives a lot of money to win reelection by advertising lies and untruths. Finally the purchased politicians even passed legislation and got limits removed so that the wealthy could have even greater control of the politicians that they had purchased, and yet they kept getting elected by lying to their constituents and convincing the least educated in our society that they needed to vote on moral and religious issues instead of good governance. And then we got a Billionaire candidate and all pretense was dropped – except the stupid people still thought that Trump was going to help THEM? End of story. Maybe end of world.

    • Connie Foust says:

      OMG John there you go again putting down the people; like your IQ is high or something. Don’t you ever get tired of bashing people. Progressives never lie, cheat and steal, oh wait a minute you people have Hillary to hold up as the person of virtue you think should be in the Whitehouse. She is all about good governance. Pathetic once more. You people cannot even find a decent candidate to run. Besides it’s time to drop the progressive moniker and come out of the closet as the socialist party. I am not a Trump fan, but I would vote for Mickey Mouse before I voted for a socialist/marxist. Tell me please how that little old guy Bernie Sanders acquired his wealth. He never held a real job, he was elected the mayor of Burlington VT using voter fraud by busing in college students to vote. So point your fingers in both directions especially at the Clinton Foundation.

      • This letter appears to equate Trump as a non-socialist. He really has not given an economic plan so he may me the first socialist to run in many years. After all trade ceases, the government will have to take over. However, Marxism is a economic analysis that would point out the danger in electing a Putin like oligarch to strong man the economy to benefit his supporters. That would eliminate Trump, so you are left with Mickey the Mouse as your candidate to write in.

      • Connie, Thank you for your comment. I agree with you. I do believe the type of government created by our founding father, for-saw 240 years later that their chosen form of government would not be taught in the government schools. Now I believe our people graduating from our government schools cannot describe what progressives or socialists stand for. Better yet who is going to pay for all the FREE t be given to them.

        eventually, I will be writing exactly what the Progressives stand for and what the socialists stand for. Esther

        John, Your comments before you mentioned Trump were right on. Thank you for staying on topic through most of your comment
        Esther Goodday

  2. PABillL says:

    I wish things could be like the article on republican government described.

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