The field is set

Off to the races by Mike Young, The field is set, only two remain and the prize is only three months away. Will the old hand who knows all the tricks and has all the old trainers and handlers’ win or the newcomer who just got started a little more than a year ago and who finally got an experienced trainer for the home stretch? The newcomer is still a little wild and the old-timers are afraid because if he wins many of them will be out of a job and certainly out of power.

At first, all bets were on the old-timer who had run many of the tracks before and knew all the tricks like carefully hiding all correspondence by running the mail system in her house so it couldn’t be accessed by the “Freedom of Information Act” and when needed, could be cleaned out by her people. As a senator she didn’t do anything to get herself in trouble but she could add “Senator” to her resume. Same with Secretary of State do nothing, but unfortunately events demanded some action. The actions she took went downhill quickly so they needed to be covered up. Unfortunately people could see what happened so it needed some extra special lies to conceal what happen but to her trainers and a handler that was easy, done many time before very old hat.

The challenger came from a different reality, one where people made things happen to make money. If your deal worked, you made money, if it didn’t; you went broke, simple rules and simple results. But the challenger was not satisfied with what he saw in the government field; a place where advertising made the person not accomplishments. Smart ads and flexibility like in dodge ball made you famous and rich. Just don’t get hit by the ball, duck and weave and you can keep moving. So what could this newcomer do in this field of experienced players? Many things have to be learned by trial and error and he made his share mistakes but he learned fast.

Start by being different, challenge the old thinking and meet and listen to the people. He was not given a chance at the beginning, but he slowly refined his message, as he was not surrounded by handlers, he made some rookie mistakes as he learned the tricks of the trade. Some of those tricks he didn’t like and by not using them he got in some trouble. His message had some very rough edges but continued to be smoothed and refined. Some of the messages were off target and needed lots of work or dropped entirely. That soon began to make a difference, people begin to listen and think about what he said. Those who had been getting a free ride yelled against him the loudest but others did too as he broached currently correct political ideas and challenged them as incorrect. Whenever you make changes some people come out as winners and some people lose, it’s a painful process but if you want real change, some people will lose something whether it be farm subsidies or cheap labor.

On the other side of the universe the old hand was surprised by a challenger of her own kind, an unlikely old hand who had socialist ideas and would promise to give away more free stuff. Now lots of people love free stuff, especially stuff they don’t have to earn. Free stuff became his rallying cry and lots of people liked that idea, so he had to go. The old insider had her friends’ handle that so she wouldn’t have to get her hands dirty. They first cut the number of debates so people couldn’t hear his promises. Then they appointed “Super Delegates” who were also her old friends and those beholden to her or her husband so no matter how many delegates he got, she still had more.

In the real world the challenger was slowly moving up and began winning races and the competition faded, some were insiders, some outsiders but in the end only he was left. Now the real race can begin; old ideas vs. new, insider vs. outsider, lies vs. the truth. Which will win?

Mike Young is a retired water and power executive who resides in Mesquite. Graduated from the University of La Verne he has taught communications skills and technical subjects throughout the Western Hemisphere. In addition to writing and editing technical manuals, he has a book titled “Speaking for Effect”. He has received some of the highest awards and recognition from both professional and public organizations.



  1. Don Grant says:

    Right ON Mike, good editorial. Loved all of it.

  2. Glenda Hoiseth says:

    If you listen to the Democratic Convention, you would think their nominee was the most humanitarian, brilliant leader and champion of the people, only to be surpassed by her adoring husband and her long standing friendship with the Obama administration. If you weren’t convinced then all you to do was listen to the testimony of her loyal subjects, who happen to be of minority standing. Then you realize, hey wait, are we talking about Hillary Clinton – who lied to us about Ben Gazi, letting our brave men fight without requested backup, who hid thousands of emails and put our country’s security in danger, who accepted huge contributions to her so called foundation, from countries that commit civil rights atrocities, in exchange for favors, granted while she was secretary of state Coincidentally, when she went to visit survivors of 911, she made sure there was a camera crew documenting her humanity The Hillary whose marriage and values are somewhat less than exemplary, and who has been feuding with the Obamas for years.
    The convention tried to paint us a picture of a leader we would all want. Well, snap out of the fairy tale folks, this is the same Hillary that agreed to a deal that will enable Iran to have nuclear arms- now.
    I’m afraid to travel, I want a president that will keep us safe and get the economy back on track without getting us more in debt. I don’t know if Donald Trump can do it, but I know Hillary won’t.

  3. Mesquite Dave says:

    Trump would be a disaster for this country. No one lies better than Trump. He never says “we”. It is always “I”. He makes ridiculous statements and claims he was only being sarcastic. This was only after he was criticized for his statement. We will get a chance to see in a few months when the candidates debate. The choice will be obvious. Do we want a qualified candidate who will be a great representative for our country or do we want a clown in the White House?

  4. Hillary Clinton would be a disaster for this country. Her past record is not one to hold up and admire. She obviously has some sort of health problem. There are too many unanswered questions about her ethics or lack of ethics.

  5. Mike, as I recall, you are on the board of directors for Overton power. Should we, as taxpayers, vote for someone with some knowledge of utilities laws, information, geologic terminology, values and ethics of a governing board? Or should we vote and support someone who started a casino business (with a loan from rich father) who now thinks he should enter the political ring at nearly 70 years of age? Someone with no knowledge of how to govern, balance a budget (that you cannot bankrupt), speak publicly, or interact with other heads of state? Hillary is far from perfect and she has made mistakes. Big ones. But I’ll take my chances with her for 4 years rather than the alternative. Have a nice day.

    • Mike Young says:

      Yes, I’m on the Board with 6 other people, only one other know much about running a utility, that why we become a team with management, each contributes their knowledge and experience to reach a decision. Just like the President who forms a cabinet to bring together some of the best people to help make decisions. Yes, you vote for someone that knows something about what is going on. But opinions may differ, it’s making smart choices by the boss that counts. We have had several successful Presidents that didn’t have much government experience, in fact Washington had none. Washington ran an army but in many ways that is like running many businesses. They gather smart and successful people around them, as today no one can know enough to run our complex government. Honesty and integrity are also very important which Hilary has very little to none, her government experience in the State Department shows me she knows nothing about running a business or a country. Worst of all is leaving our people calling for help to die in Benghazi, then lying to the families about it is inexcusable.

      I believe our country is headed in the wrong direction and we need to change that direction, an insider will not do that, I’ll take my chances with a change agent who can’t be bought. He balanced many, many budgets and in the right direction, met with many heads of state and the people who work with and for him say he’s the man.

  6. John Galt says:

    “When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt but protects the corrupt from you – your know your nation is doomed” – Ayn Rand

  7. Donald trump uses the word “I” much more than the word “we”. He hadn’t made mistakes as a governmental leader because he’s never served in a public office. He’s only shafted contractors and small businesses as he plowed ahead to make money for himself and maintain a glorious lifestyle. And don’t get me started about his relationship with his new best friend, Mr. Putin.

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