Smiths Employee Charged with Embezzlement

SmithEmbezzlement-07-21-16On July 12, the Mesquite Police Department responded to the Smiths Food & Drug Center located at 350 N Sandhill Blvd to investigate an alleged theft. The officer’s investigation showed an employee of Smiths had been assigning Smith’s card points to her own personal Smith’s card, then using the points as personal cash purchases. Due to the high amount of cash purchases made, the crime amounted to felony embezzlement. One employee was taken into custody.

Lorie Dominguez, 41, of Scenic Arizona, was arrested and charged with one felony count of embezzlement. Dominguez was transported and booked into the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on the felony count.



  1. Not concerned with who gets points says:

    I don’t know what the problem is here. Is it Smith’s that is pressing charges? Not everyone has a Smith’s card that goes in there and shops, so for an employee to use their own card doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. Cashiers do it all the time. If everyone that went through there got a Smith’s card to use once or twice while they are visiting seems like a waste. There are many more important issues to worry about than someone using a points card in place of someone who doesn’t have one. If Smith’s is the one pressing charges then I, for one, Will not be buying groceries there.

    • I do care!! says:

      Your part of the problem.. Stealing is stealing! We don’t get thousands of points that we can use to buy all of our gas and groceries with! She was stealing our points!

      • You don't care says:

        She actually wasn’t. She only used the card when the people asked for the discount because they didn’t have a card. Just saying you sound very stupid. Learn what actually happened before running your patheic mouth.

    • I’m assuming she was probably giving herself UNEARNED free points…and excessive amounts of points. Obviously enough to where it was noticeable and launched an investigation. I worked in Loss Prevention for Smith’s years ago and yes, there is definitely a crime here.

    • Marianna Murrieta says:

      If she ask permission it would be legal. This is fraud. You probably don’t see anything wrong with this because your moral compass is out of wack.

    • Maria Borja-Stevens says:

      Yes, I agree! I have seen cashiers used their own personal card to get me a discount with my groceries. So should they be punished! Come on this is really unreal that we can have someone taken and charge for a crime.

    • In favor says:

      It’s not about “points.” You can get $25 credit on your smiths card if you transfer a prescription, I’m guessing that’s what it’s about.

    • Easily Confused in Mesquite says:

      You are kidding, right?? This kind of mentality is what is wrong with this country. Some shoppers were not getting points because they didn’t have a card, so it was okay for an employee to reap the benefits instead? I am pretty sure there was an employee agreement signed that said this type of behavior was not approved as a store policy.

      Just because someone doesn’t want freebies, doesn’t mean someone else should get them instead. What happened to the concept of “earning things” instead of getting them for free??

    • I agree with you fully.

    • Wanna play? Gotta pay! says:

      I think she’s getting what she deserves! Nothing in life is free? An example of good ol fashion American Law! It’s called. Bait n Hook! Dummy went for the bait n got A Felony for it! You are your worst enemy? Now Pay for it

  2. I find these point cards very annoying. Just give me lower prices without holding up people in line while I rummage through my wallet. The other issue with this situation is I have seen this women’s face on several newspapers, Facebook, and other social media. She stole grocery store points. She didn’t a major crime.

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