Pizza Factory Puts Plans in Place to Increase its Share of the Pie in Mesquite

Iconic Neighborhood Pizzeria to Expand into Mesquite

MESQUITE, Nev. – Adored for its great-tasting menu items and an environment unmatched among pizza competitors, Pizza Factory, announced today a franchise growth strategy targeting Mesquite. The family-friendly pizza shop, with 113 locations in six states, has set into motion a strategy that aims to provide their renowned high-quality product, give back to the community and develop strong bonds with their neighbors in Mesquite.

“The role we play in the communities we serve goes well beyond just being the best place in the neighborhood for pizza. And, from the beginning of their journey with us, our franchisees are drawn to the brand because of the sincere connections we have with our fans,” said Mary Jane Riva, president and CEO of Pizza Factory. “We are growing our footprint into neighborhoods big and small where we know our awesome people, product and philanthropic partnerships will be valued and Mesquite has exactly what we are looking for.”

Pizza Factory has established a solid reputation already in the West and its growth strategy reflects this stronghold on the region, where it can properly support locations through marketing and operations programs. The high-level of support Pizza Factory offers its franchisees has provided significant scalability for franchisees, many of which have opened multiple locations or have plans to do so.

With a strategic plan in place, Pizza Factory will grow into Mesquite and is now accepting franchisee inquiries. Pizza Factory will be a welcomed addition to Mesquite because it has such a strong sense of community with a great balance of residential and business buildings.

“We also have a strong commitment to helping our franchisees reach their performance and growth goals,” added Riva. “The majority of our franchisees work in their restaurants and live in the communities they serve. They care deeply about their customers, their business and making a difference. We assist in every way possible to ensure our franchisees’ restaurants radiate the welcoming neighborhood feel we all have come to know and love.”

The brand’s slogan “We Toss’Em, They’re Awesome!” is well-known among guests who cherish their hand-tossed pizzas, as well as the fresh, handmade pastas, sandwiches, and salads featured on the menu. Unlike similar pizza concepts, Pizza Factory uses only fresh, hand-grated 100% mozzarella cheese, slow cooked meat sauce and meatballs that are hand rolled in-house. The fast-casual pizzeria allows guests to order at the counter before their food is delivered tableside.

In support of the towns Pizza Factory calls home, it launched the well-known “No Bully Zone” program that raises awareness about the prevalence of bullying in schools and throughout the community. Through community partnerships, Pizza Factory fights to put an end to harsh bullying wherever and whenever it occurs. In addition, Pizza Factory also offers fundraising programs to support local schools, youth sports leagues, as well as other community groups and organizations.



  1. PABillL says:

    Bella’s, Bella’s, Bella’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Connie Foust says:

    Bella’s is the best, locally owned and ran, clean etc. We need to support our local businesses. I am all in favor of growth, but this is a reminder that one of the best pizza places around is on Riverside Drive.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      But if Pizza Factory comes to Mesquite wouldn’t it be just as much a local business as Walmart, Bella’s, Smith’s, Dollar General, Klasik Kloset, Mesquite Tile…they’re all local businesses regardless of whether they are part of a bigger chain or not. Support your local businesses means anything in Mesquite opposed to anyting in St. George, Las Vegas, Overton….you get the idea. The PF is offering franchise opportunities in this area to local people or an outsider who wants to call Mesquite home. We need the jobs, yeah Pizza Factory…not a thing against Bella’s. Personally though, I think Pizza is done enough in Mesquite. It’s a small market and we already have three pizza places. Hoping for more variety but hey, any business that increases the ability for people to work and better the local economy, is cool with me.

  3. Ditto regarding Bella’s!

  4. Nothing wrong with choices, either. Bella’s good, but having the ability to pick and choose is a welcome to Mesquite. Too many empty storefronts NOT to support new businesses.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      Couldn’t have said it better! Any new business here in Mesquite improves the workforce and the local economy, and yes, choice is wonderful!

  5. I love Pizza Factory!. Bellas pizza is soggy and horribly overpriced. I can hardly wait.

  6. JUDY Thake says:

    Ĺove Pizza Factory we support all local businesses and glad to see another place that we can go to would rather support Mesquite than go to St George to eat keep the business and money here.

  7. Scott Garver says:

    Trust someone who knows pizza! Coming from the east side of the country, we had (3) 3rd generation pizza shops in our community. Bella is ok, but you have no clue what “real pizza” is or how it’s made. You cannot even imagine what good pizza tastes like. Why would anyone want to turn down business for Mesquite? A couple articles ago, I read where someone was complaining about his taxes being too high, don’t you think businesses pay taxes? They can help subsidize the tax base, thus making life easier on all of us!!! You can’t gave your cake and eat it too! Back to pizza, give them a chance without running them out of town before they even get here!

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