MLN switches print location, distribution

Beginning with the July 7 issue, the Mesquite Local News has switched print locations from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City due to rising costs with the prior company.

The switch ends the distribution affiliation the MLN had with the Las Vegas Review Journal. “Unfortunately, the MLN will no longer be bundled with the Thursday morning edition of the Review Journal for home delivery,” said Barbara Ellestad, Editor. “We realize this change will cause some confusion for people used to receiving the MLN at home. However, we have many distribution news racks at convenient locations around Mesquite, Beaver Dam and the Moapa Valley that people can pick up our newspaper.”

The MLN will continue to be printed on Thursdays with submission deadlines for news articles and advertisements remaining the same. Daily updates on will also remain the same.



  1. Gary Richison says:

    So much for supporting the local economy. Guess Utah needs the tax revenue more than Nevada

  2. Interesting! I called the Review Journal this morning to inquire as to why we had not received a copy of the MLN with our Thursday delovery. The customer service rep I spoke with did not seem to be aware of this change because he said that we should be receiving the Mesquite paper with our Review Journal delivery. Wht did we not receive a flyer with our paper or some other type of notice that this change was coming?

    • Stephanie Frehner says:

      Due to deadlines, we had little notice ourselves, as it was in between print runs. We would have preferred to give everyone a heads-up, but time wasn’t on our side this time.


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