Mesa View Regional Hospital Receives Top Tier CMS Star Rating

Mesa View Regional Hospital announced its four-star rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) placing Mesa View within the top 25 percent of hospitals nationwide and the only hospital in Southern Nevada to receive four out of five stars.

CMS released overall hospital quality “star ratings” on its Hospital Compare website to provide consumers with more transparency regarding the quality, safety and service of hospitals throughout the United States. Hospitals received ratings of one to five stars – with five stars being the highest score – based on their performance on selected measures from the hospital inpatient quality reporting (IQR) and outpatient quality reporting (OQR) programs. The ratings were based on performance data dated from 2011 to 2015.

“Mesa View Regional Hospital’s team works tirelessly to pursue the highest standards for clinical excellence, and we are extremely proud of this achievement. Even with these high marks, we remain mission-focused, striving for continued patient-centered excellence in all aspects of hospital quality, safety and service,” noted Patty Holden, Mesa View Regional Hospital CEO.

The scoring consisted of seven domains in the areas of mortality, safety, readmissions, patient experience, timeliness of care, effectiveness of care and imaging efficiency.

For more information on CMS’ star ratings, visit: , or search on ‘Hospital Compare’ and look for ‘Star Ratings.

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  1. PABillL says:

    This is truly surprizing. I remember going through the whole process of making a Dr. appointment for a persistent neck pain problem, filling out all the new patient paperwork after waiting for an hour for the 2 receptionists to figure out how to make the printer work to print out the paperwork which should have been already printed out before hand. Then on the morning of my appointment a week later, getting a call from the Doctor’s office telling me that he nor any other Dr at Mesa View handles neck issues.
    Thank you St George for only being 30 miles away and having so many high quality and professionally staffed medical facilities.

  2. I had a great experience at Mesa View. Had two uterine fibroids removed a few months ago and feel 20 years younger. The staff was wonderful and took great care of me.

  3. Not sure what is surprising. Your issue was with the Doctors office next door….not the hospital. This article only concerns the hospital. Either way, there is no way a small town our size could possibly support every specialty type of medicine in existence. You will always need to go to a bigger town for most specially care. That’s just the way it is. It is unfortunate they waited until the day of your appointment to tell you.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      YOu’re so correct in saying that a small hospital such as Mesa View can’t possibly support all the specialty types of Medicine. Even the large city hospitals can’t claim they specialize in everything. The Shriner hospitals are expert in burn care, Cleveland Clinic is well known for their Cardiac care and some hospitals are well known for trauma and so on. I really can’t think of any hospital that has it all and I worked in the health care field for 17 years myself. For a 25 bed hospital, you can’t expect them to handle everything but they do have the Doctor’s that are most in demand for the patients in Mesquite’s particular demographic. Dr. Aschenaki is outstanding and she specializes in Cardiac Care; a service many of our residents are in need of.

  4. L. Miller says:

    For what it is worth…there are some links that provide food-for-thought comparison data for Mesa View Regional Hospital and others in Nevada and St. George, UT. For some reason, I could not get the comment section herein to accept the links within this message. Two links which can be accessed are at and at U.S. News & World Reports Healthcare site where you can enter names of hospitals and compare services, patient experience, outcome, and get an idea of how many patients are actually treated for various conditions, including Heart Failure (No COPD data was available), Knee Replacement, and Hip Replacement. There was a column for “Infectious Diseases Acquired” while in the hospital but no data was available for Mesa View. The overall indication was that Dixie Regional in St. George ranks better than the national average as far as Hospital Re-Admissions for the same issue, Effectiveness of Care, Timeliness of Care, and Efficient Use of Medical Imaging, while Mesa View ranks “the same as the national average” in these as well as in Mortality Rates and in Efficient Use of Medical Imaging. Dixie Regional ranks better than the national average for Mortality rates, as well as Efficient Use of Medical Imaging. Mesa View, as of the last data provided these sites, was unable to electronically receive lab test results, while Dixie Regional is able to do so.

  5. Sick of mesa view says:

    I have been here since 2008 and have made the move to taking all my care needs up to st. George.
    Mesa view is a joke –
    I went for an xray and registration was a joke – 45 minutes and 60’pages of paper.
    3 weeks later went for a followup xray and 1 hr and 60 pages of paper.
    Go up to dixie for xray- 5 min and no paper.
    It is a revoling door for doctors – on my 3 rd doctor in 7 yrs.
    I had it 1 yr ago and moved all my health needs up to st george and never looked back.
    And the beautiful drive it takes to get to dixie – 30 minutes is much more scenic than waiting in mesa view for 1 – 2 hrs to register and get a xray or blood test at mesa view.
    I suggest that the people that gave the award out go to mesa view for tests or xrays-
    The new award will be for the longest registration and wait to have them done.
    Dixie hospital is many times better than mesa view and my chioce here in mesquite.

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