Chief Troy Tanner’s Reaction to Police Shootings

[Editor’s note: The Mesquite Local News asked the Mesquite Police Department and Chief Troy Tanner to comment on the Dallas, TX, police shooting last week and its effect on local officers. The MLN received the following statement.]

It is a very sad day for everyone in America. We value all human lives. The very core of what the Mesquite Police Department does is protecting all lives and property, as well as safeguarding all people’s constitutional rights.

We know that those who want to do harm to us are the extreme minority. The divisiveness between law enforcement and those who want to use violence against us needs to end. We know that the vast majority, if not all of our community support us. We really do live in an extra-ordinary community and we are proud to serve with professionalism and integrity.

Chief Troy Tanner commented, “My immediate thoughts and concerns, as I watched the news coverage of the violence in Dallas unfold, was for the brave men and women who were putting their lives on the line to protect the citizens and protesters and for our officers who serve and protect the citizens and visitors to Mesquite. Regardless of the circumstance, the members of the Mesquite Police Department are committed to following the Mesquite Police Department’s Mission Statement, which is to: ‘safeguard the lives, property, and constitutional rights of all; while effectively providing proactive services with professionalism, honor and integrity.’ I pray for the safety of all officers. My thoughts and prayers are with the officers and their families, as well as the Dallas community, as they move towards healing under the most difficult of circumstances.”

Chief Tanner added, “Hopefully this incident will invite those in the White House and in Washington D.C. to begin showing more support to our nation’s law enforcement.”



  1. Dave Tracy says:

    I want to commend our Men and Women in Blue for the couragest work they do and am a firm believer that Blue lives Matter, God Bless Our Country and may it heal soon.

  2. Mesquite Dave says:

    Our local community can start showing more respect for the great job that our Federal law enforcement personnel do every day. I see far too many comments from this newspaper trashing the FBI and the BLM agents. It is time to stop the hateful rhetoric against the Federal Government.

    • Barbara Ellestad, Editor, MLN says:

      Re: Mesquite Dave:
      Please provide specific examples of “I see far too many comments from this newspaper trashing the FBI and the BLM agents.” written by myself or other staff members of the MLN and I will address them individually. Columnists are not screened by myself or the staff and are free to express themselves as they desire – First Amendment.
      Thank you,
      Barbara Ellestad
      Editor, Mesquite Local News

      • Mesquite Dave says:

        I was referring to your so called columnists, including one of your owners, Mr. Mitchell. He is farther to the right than Atilla the Hun. At least your paper will be getting to fewer readers now that it is no longer included with the Review Journal. And your efforts to obtain the evidence in the Bundy case is laughable. All you want to do is try the case in your paper instead of in the courtroom.

        • Barbara Ellestad, Editor, MLN says:

          Re: Mesquite Dave:
          Mr. Mitchell is not one of the owners of this paper. He is a respected columnist with years of experience.
          You still did not provide specific examples of your statement – “I see far too many comments from this newspaper trashing the FBI and the BLM agents.” so I and the public can only assume you don’t have any.
          Thank you,
          Barbara Ellestad,
          Editor, Mesquite Local News

  3. Alan rasmussen says:

    All lives matter. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for our men in blue. God bless and keep you safe.

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