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Hardy Way

Hardy Way

“Lots of people have asked me what we’re building on the corner of Falcon Ridge Parkway and Hardy Way,” Mesquite Public Works Director Bill Tanner told the Mesquite Local News. “I smile and tell them ‘nothing.’ Most of the time they don’t believe me.”

But in this case he’s right. Typically seeing earth moving equipment, dump trucks and water trucks grading a prime corner lot on a busy street is an indicator of future building activity. “We’re just getting rid of sediment dirt from the Town Wash Basin over near the Oasis Golf Club,” Tanner said. “We had to have some place to put the sediment so we are using it to build up this corner lot that the city owns and make it more attractive for a future buyer.”

Just west of the corner site is the new city-owned cemetery that Tanner hopes to award construction bids for sometime this summer.


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