Letter to the Editor – Pavlo

Dear Editor,

The liberals like to say President Obama kept us safe from major terror attacks during his administration; however, that is not true. There were several lone wolf attacks as follows:

11/05/09 Fort Hood, Texas: Army major Nidal Malik Hasan shot and killed 13 soldiers and wounded 30 other people. Obama and liberal media called it workplace violence, when clearly it was terrorism. He shouted “Allah Akbar.” “God is great.”

4/15/13 Boston marathon:   Terror attack by the brothers Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Three were killed and hundreds were `severely injured.’

9/26/14 Moore, Oklahoma: Woman beheaded by Alton Nolen. He had converted to Islam, and had been fired from his job, so it was called workplace violence when it was clearly terrorism. Obama administration and democrats cannot admit anything is terrorism.

7/17/15 Chattanooga, TN: Five military men were killed by Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez. It was a gun free zone, so soldiers could not defend themselves. It was terrorism, but the liberal media had difficulty figuring out the motive.

12/2/15 San Bernardino, CA: Fourteen people shot and killed in terror attack by Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. They were radicalized. Obama said they may have had “mixed motives.” Josh Earnest called it “gun violence.”

6/12/16 Orlando, Florida: 50 people murdered and 53 injured in Orlando night club by Omar Mateen. Hillary Clinton sees these attacks as a gun control and law enforcement issue and not as a war on the United States by Islamic terrorists. President Obama has tied the hands of the FBI and Law Enforcement with regulations based on political correctness.


Richard Pavlo

Scenic, AZ



  1. Amy Marshall says:

    Okay, first of all, the gunman in Orlando was born and raised HERE in the United States. Second, how is ANY sitting President supposed to help protect us in any way when Congress and the Senate ties his hands and obstructs every single thing he tries to do? And I happen to agree with the “No Fly, No Buy” amendment that the Senate wants. If you are on a no-fly list because the FBI has determined you may be a terrorist threat, then you shouldn’t be able to get a gun–ANY gun. Don’t make this a right or left issue–it’s a HUMAN issue.

  2. The No Fly No Buy sounds good but in reality one has to be able to have a hearing before a Judge to determine if someone should not fly. That is not the case. No one trusts the FBI not to put a political spin on their work. Thus, easy to understand no one trusts this agency to have that much authority. The better way is have a judge determine who can be put on any list of no-flys.

  3. Hey you conservatives do you remember who the President was when the worst American tragedy happened? Remember 911. President Bush. Now make a comment how bad President Obama has been. Almost 4,000 were killed under President Bush. How many have been killed under President Obama? I think President Obama is doing pretty good protecting us. And who was the President who dropped the ban on buying assault rifles back in 2004. President Bush. Think you better blame President Bush since he’s the one who cancelled the ban on assault rifles and allowed people to be able to buy assault rifles. Now you might want to go over your conscience about who is responsible for the killings.

    • NRA and I vote says:

      Why do you blame a rifle for killing people? With your way of thinking it’s the cars fault when a drunk gets behind the wheel and runs over people waiting at a bus stop. The idiot pulling the trigger and the drunk are responsible not the tools used.

  4. Jennifer says:

    One difference between the two president’s is that Bush advocated fighting back, whereas Obama, simply wants to eliminate guns. The bad guys will always find a way to create terror – guns or not. Remember 9-11? Airplanes. The Boston marathon? Pressure cooker bombs. Bush wanted us to stand strong and fight back and Obama wants us to give up our arms.

    • Amy Marshall says:

      Nobody has advocated for banning guns–only military grade arms. You surely are more intelligent than to bring up THAT old chestnut, aren’t you? By the way, no one needs an arsenal to protect their family or to hunt. A rifle or shotgun and a sidearm should be all ANYONE needs.

  5. Jennifer says:

    By the way, the one responsible for the killings is the person who carried out the killings and possibly the wife if she had knowledge of the attack and did nothing. No one else.

  6. Marty Brown says:

    You liberals really don’t think the Clinton Admin did not know something was Brewing in the Middle East before Bush.. Clinton was in office for 8 years, Bush was in office nine months and Bush had the strength and took responsibility for it. You liberals are ready to say it was Bush’s fault the silence of Clinton was a lie, of omission. Clinton had the opportunity to take out Bin Laden & did not. Because he was a coward like obma !!!!

  7. I agree the assault weapons should be the ones banned. You don’t need an assault weapon to hunt. If you used one of them you would shred the animal and wouldn’t have anything left. I want to know how come it’s OK to go into a school and kill 21 people including children and how come it is OK to go to a place of business and kill innocent people like San Bernandino and how come it is OK to go into a nightclub and kill 49 innocent people with an assault weapon. If the ban was never lifted to be able to sell assault weapons those people would probably still be alive. Do conservatives condone killing since it is conservatives that are against a gun bill? You would think children would’ve woke people up and something would have been done then. Well hats off to Senator Murphy for finally having the guts to do something about it.

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