Letter to the Editor-Butler

Dear Editor,

Regarding the letter written by Mr. Stiller and published on the June 2 edition of Mesquite Local News, I would like to say that he was right.  That is if he would “quit smoking, quit drinking water, quit eating most foods and stop breathing the air,”  “I  can guarantee I won’t die of cancer.”  That is definitely true and those would ALL be his choices.  However, the employees in the casinos can’t make their choices about working in an environment contaminated with 2nd hand smoke.

George Butler
Mesquite, NV




  1. Gary Richison says:

    Less than 17% of the adult population in the United States now smoke. For some reason, they feel they have a right to put the other 83% of the population health at risk. Go figure !!!

  2. Lestat68 says:

    Employees in casinos do have a choice as to what kind of job they choose but they choose it over other occupations.. However, casino workers don’t even fall into the top 25 most dangerous jobs and many of these jobs are also the only employment available to many people. Loggers, miners, policemen, roofers, fire fighters (often volunteers) and mechanics, to name a few, are more dangerous with high rates of fatalities. So, say the next time your roof needs to be replaced, remember you are putting those workers in danger also. It will never be a 100% safe world.

    • Gary Richison says:

      First offf, I want to thank you for a good counterpoint instead of some rant. Most all if not all of the jobs you mentioned have become safer thru technology and or regulation . For example, bulletproof vests, fire retardant materials and regulations to reduse coal dust. But for our neighbor who happens to work in a casino not so much. Would it be too much to ask us smokers to step outside for a few minutes so they can have a safer working penvironment?

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