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The Politics of Hate in Mesquite Last week immediately following the massacre in Orlando, an elected public official in this community took an opportunity to write an article for the right wing Mesquite Local News to promote guns rights rather than mourn the victims. First, it says something disturbingly unfavorable about the mind of a person who would take the time to pen an article promoting his view on guns while not saying one single word of compassion about the appalling murder of these victims. In this Christian community of the Virgin Valley, when do we become so politically motivated, we cannot stop for a moment to grieve for the deaths of fellow Americans? When we become so bigoted and hateful that we see this tragedy as an opportunity to promote a political point of view, it is indeed very disturbing. Of course, everyone has the right to express their point of view and freedom of speech but perhaps, our American Christian values teach maybe in light of this slaughter, we can put politics aside and mourn for the deaths of innocent people instead of perpetuating intolerance. I do not intend this as a comment on gun rights one way or the other, I do intend to say that an elected public official who is so desensitized to human suffering and so indoctrinated in political thought should consider how he fuels hatred and indifference in his speech. We can do better in this community. Robert Bishop Mesquite [Editor’s note: The letter’s author is referring to an article written by MLN columnist Mike Young available online under the “Point of View” column. Young is an elected official on the Overton Power District Board of Trustees.]


  1. Brandon says:

    Mr. Bishop, you forgot to mention that President Obama pushed his agenda for gun control during his Orlando speech just one week ago, after meeting with the families of the victims. Did the President show his compassion? I don’t know… gun control talks haven’t seemed to solve the issue of these mass killings nationwide. Would it kill President Obama to grieve with the families and not push his agenda? I could care less if he says “radical Islam” or not. But with this President, it’s like pulling teeth to United the Country in these tragedies with his compassion…for gun control. You said it yourself, “an elected public official who is so desensitized to human suffering and so indoctrinated in political thought should consider how he fuels hatred and indifference in his speech.” You just described President Obama to a tee.

  2. Don’t you think President Obama was promoting the fact if there was gun control this tragedy wouldn’t have happened. Maybe if the Supreme Court wouldn’t have made legal for the people to own AR 47’s back in 2004 maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Since the republicans won’t wake up to gun control this will keep happening again, and again, and again, and again, and again. If something happens to their families maybe they will wake up and pass gun control. As proven last night the republicans ran out of the House in the middle of the night with their tales between their legs afraid to face the issue.

    • Brandon says:

      You just proved another point, Ms. Louise. With all do respect, you just said President Obama was promoting gun control. That should’ve been at another time, another press conference. Not at that time.

      I can’t argue and say that something has to be done about the nonsense shootings around this great country of ours, but our Founding Fathers established the 2nd Amendment 224 years ago, not recently, as an auxiliary right, supporting the natural rights of self-defense, resistance to oppression, and the civic duty to act in concert in defense of the state. Sure, this right is not unlimited and does not prohibit regulation, but we’ve gone over 200 years with this right and it cannot be taken away so easily. It should not be taken away.

      I’m not here to debate. I just want to throw the facts and common sense out there. When a person is a drug addict, a family member or friend can move them far away from the town or city, but the drugs will always find that person. Same with firearms. Take them away, but the black market is out there and there is no way of stopping it.

  3. Mike Young says:

    Mr Bishop, Maybe you didn’t read the title of my article ‘While America Mourns.’
    I do mourn for the deaths of innocent people and am in no way perpetuating intolerance. i do not see this tragedy as an opportunity to promote a political point of view. I am neither bigoted or hateful.
    I’m just a Mesquite resident like yourself, the fact that I hold an elected office has noting to do with my views on politics or my beliefs except perhaps in your mind. I do grieve for any and all Americans, especially those who are killed by Islamic terrorists.

    My article came out on Wednesday, 4 days after the event in Orlando,however I was a little late defending peoples right to carry guns to protect themselves and their families because Hillary, Sanders and Obama were already banging the drums for more gun control. Is it alright for them to condemn guns but not for me to support the right to bare arms to protect our loved ones? Just because I’m an “elected official” why am I somehow part of the hate in Mesquite? Where do you get the idea I am intolerant and desensitized to human suffering?
    if I or others don’t do as you think should be done, somehow we’re intolerant?
    In many Moslem countries the penalty for homosexuality is death, maybe you should consider condemning them instead someone who wants to protect Americans. We must honor our dead and also be prepared to defend ourselves and our country. May God bless America we are going to need it in the coming struggle!

  4. “AR-47”, please know your facts and subject matter, before running off uninformed and ignorant.

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