Revised Mesquite Recreation Center Hours

RecreationCenter logoStarting Sunday, June 5, the Mesquite Recreation Center will be closed on Sundays.

“Due to budgetary constraints, the city is faced with this indefinite cost-savings measure,” said City Manager Andy Barton. “Once the city has more resources, we will re-evaluate this decision.” Revised hours of operation for the Mesquite Recreation Center are Monday through Thursday 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday 5 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and Saturday 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. For more information about the revised hours or for information about recreation programs in general, please contact the Department of Athletics & Leisure Services at (702) 346-8732. Register for youth and adult programs online at for more information and to stay connected via social media, Facebook: or at the administrative offices located at 100 W. Old Mill Road.


  1. While all other towns and cities around mesquite are adding hours ,mesquite is cutting hours ,citing budgetary constraints.
    This is the fault of the poor management under mayor swell al litman.
    Lets look at some of his poor decisions under his tenure-
    1- $80,000 spent on labor negotiations and swell al will not even honor the “me too clause”
    2- empty cemetery on hardy way – started and nothing going on up there.
    3- several other wage decisions where administration get raises over and over again and the workers have not had a raise in yrs.
    4- extravagant buyouts of city employees – i.e. The former city atty.
    She got to work from park city during the summers.
    This mayor is a joke,a do nothing clown who will have a legacy of taco shop and truck stop growth.

  2. If the city wants to save money, close earlier every city department. Cut the hours and salaries of your directors. Most are paid outlandish salaries while the real workers are not. Do more with less. A few less police in the office and more on the road. There are ways to save if desired.

  3. Could we consider using some volunteers to help augment the Rec Center hours for Sunday coverage?

  4. Carole Rawlings says:

    Well I used to live in Mesquite and I don’t remember if the Rec. Center was open on Sunday or not. But I did notice Illegal Aliens Playing Pool in the Rec. Center.

    • Kaite K says:

      Illegal aliens? You mean like creepy , tall, green men with bug eyes?
      First of all, there are not pool tables at the rec center, secondly , if you’re referring to people who entered this country “illegally” , how do you know? Did you walk up
      to them and ask if they had their green card?!
      Thank goodness you don’t live here anymore.

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