Obituary: Earl Coles

Obituary-Coles-5-12-16Earl Coles passed away May 6, 2016 in a Denver Hospital.

Earl retired from IBM after 25 years. He moved to Mesquite in 1996, working at the CasaBlanca Resort for 10 years. He was a greeter at Wal-Mart for five years.

Before getting ill, he worked at the casino inside of Smith’s Food & Drug.

Earl was cremated with no services. He will be missed.


  1. Sharron Neider says:

    Earl was my neighbor for years and always had a smile on his face, even through many health issues. Going to miss his smile and wonderful attitude about life.

  2. Earl was such a good guy! He will be missed!

  3. We’ll miss your smile and friendly face! You always had a great attitude.

  4. Paula Briscoe says:

    I was so sorry to read this. We will definitely miss Earl’s kindness and friendly smile.

  5. Christopher White says:

    Goodbye dad

    • Jennifer Hammond-Moore says:

      Your father was a very special man. I remember him always having a smile on his face and such a casual yet friendly demeanor. He was a gentle soul that brought light to everyone he met. When I worked in the casino he always knew how to cheer me up when I was having a rough day. I will truly miss him.

  6. That is like the saddest obituary I’ve ever read.

  7. Valerie says:

    Dearest Earl my lovely next door neighbor,as you asked me to watch your house and drove off I had no clue Id never see you again. Thank you for your friendship the last few years, you were a gem and I miss you every day.

  8. Dwayne & Nancy says:

    Good bye old friend. We are going to miss you very much, you have and always will be a good friend.

  9. Nieces and Nephews says:

    Uncle Milton (Earl )
    We conversed several times before your arrival to Colorado for the funeral of your brother Raymond.
    We never imagined that our final goodbye was for you also. We (your nieces and nephews) have nothing but admiration for you. With all of life’s challenges that altered your life you never seem to let it alter you spirit. You were a blessed example of what it meant to rise above your circumstances. Even after driving over 800 miles to Colorado that week you apologize to your nieces and nephews because you had to sit and rest for a moment but you yet had a smile. Uncle Milton you left memorable conversation for years to come. As you were transitioning in the hospital you spoke of your mother and even singing the full version of Glen Campbell’s song”Like a rhinestone cowboy”. That was priceless! Uncle Milton Earl you have ran your race, you have finished your course and now you are at rest.
    Thank God for giving you to this family for 80 years.
    We will take care of your 3 sisters “the golden girls”
    Rest In Paradise.
    Your nieces and nephews

  10. Eddie Irish says:

    Will miss you Mr. Earl Coles,
    Seen you at Walmart many times, you would come into my work, and no matter what a smile =)
    I agree with you Sharron Neider, the smile on Earl’s Face is one of the many things I will miss. Thank you for expressing the happy side, even thought there were some tough times you had. I want to learn from you, and take that with me, RIP sir.

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