Monday Mornings with the Mayors

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New Mayor Allan Litman plans to keep regular office hours at city hall. Photo by Kirk Kern.

Mayor Allan Litman. Photo by Kirk Kern.

Mesquite, NV — On Monday, May 23, Mesquite Mayor Allan Litman will be on Monday Mornings with the Mayors on KLAS Channel 8 in Las Vegas from 6:40 a.m at 7:00 a.m. The segment will feature Mayor Litman talking about Mesquite, regional issues and answer questions from the public.

If you are interested in having Mayor Litman answer your question on-air, submit your question before Monday. Questions can be submitted online to When you submit, be sure to indicate that the question is for Mayor Litman.


  1. commenter says:

    Why are the Mesquite City Council meetings NOT being televised on TDS cable channel 12?

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      We can’t answer that question, it’s one that should be asked of TDS. Reliance does it as a public service.

  2. Junkyard dog says:

    I just submitted the question-
    “Why did the city and you pay over $80,000 for labor negotiations with the city employees,to a las vegas atty,the only thing coming out of it was the “me too”
    Clause ,and now you will not honor it?

    I doubt they will ask it or “swell al” will answer-lol

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