Monday Mornings with the Mayors

New Mayor Allan Litman plans to keep regular office hours at city hall. Photo by Kirk Kern.

Mayor Allan Litman. Photo by Kirk Kern.

Mesquite, NV — On Monday, May 23, Mesquite Mayor Allan Litman will be on Monday Mornings with the Mayors on KLAS Channel 8 in Las Vegas from 6:40 a.m at 7:00 a.m. The segment will feature Mayor Litman talking about Mesquite, regional issues and answer questions from the public.

If you are interested in having Mayor Litman answer your question on-air, submit your question before Monday. Questions can be submitted online to When you submit, be sure to indicate that the question is for Mayor Litman.


  1. commenter says:

    Why are the Mesquite City Council meetings NOT being televised on TDS cable channel 12?

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      We can’t answer that question, it’s one that should be asked of TDS. Reliance does it as a public service.

  2. Junkyard dog says:

    I just submitted the question-
    “Why did the city and you pay over $80,000 for labor negotiations with the city employees,to a las vegas atty,the only thing coming out of it was the “me too”
    Clause ,and now you will not honor it?

    I doubt they will ask it or “swell al” will answer-lol

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