Letter to the Editor- Patrick O’Meara

Dear Editor,

This “newspaper” is horrible.  I’ve choked my way through it and discovered it is right wing, one religion oriented, and full of conflicts of interest.  Basically, it provides no objective value.  My friends were right, not worth recycling so don’t pick it up.


Patrick O’Meara




  1. commenter says:

    In a culinary context . . do you have a preference in potato varieties?

    • Rich McKovich says:

      Plenty of left wing trash on the net for you. And, if you think it’s that far to the right why are you reading it. Your opinion only.

  2. It’s free and worth every penny. I happen to enjoy reading it.

  3. Rick Kammerman says:

    While I agree its reporting is one sided and Barbara Ellestad uses it as her personal source to complain about people and politics she disagrees with, it does provide some community service reporting. I am willing to acknowledge that some of Barbara Ellestad’s stories seem to be unbiased. Mesquite is a small town (even smaller in the summer) and has to rely on advertising revenues from a small business base to put out a free newspaper. If Partrick O’Mera expects NY Times reporting in Mesquite he needs to adjust his expectations.

  4. If you don’t like , you don’t have to read it Patrick, go online and read about Bernie Sanders and get your left wing garbage.

  5. Gary Culver says:

    I would personally like to thank MLN for NOT!!! giving a heads up before a VVWD contractor plowed their way through 11 years of eroded material in Cabin Canyon. Thus NOT!! giving us one last chance to observe nature’s return toward normal, before the earth movers put things right again .. since this paper normally reports “by press release” this story didn’t make the cut ..

  6. MesquiteFace says:

    MLN is awesome compared to the State Run Media. MLN is part of the solution not the problem. Keep being true and who you are MLN!

  7. They’ve taken out some of my comments out of the on line stuff like this. But I don’t give a shit.

  8. Marty Brown says:

    Well Patrick, the way I see it all the TV news networks ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC says enough liberal stuff to make me sick. Including the newspapers. It is refreshing to hear every now and then a conservative point of view. It appears to be sinful if someone thinks somthing is different than you. Oh and by the way, from research that I have done the left wing progressive Democrats are a re packaging of the U S Communist Party and have overtaken the Democratic Party of JFK & the party that my parents supported.

  9. Theresa Nehrenz says:

    I have to defend our newspaper on the “one religion” issue you mention. We are not “one religion based”. I have been doing the community calendar for 5 years and for the first 4 years talked to all of the churches, called them, checked the web sites (those that I could access without being a parishoner) and asked each of the churches to send me information on their choir performances, activites and events and none do other than the “one religion” you feel is getting all the media attention. I spent hours each month searching the church websites and many don’t even keep thier own calendars up to date or there is no access for non-parishoners. It wasn’t worth my spending those hours for the pay I was getting for compiling the calendar. The only church I could actually gather information from easily was MUMC. But that’s not the one you are referring to is it? After the first 4 years, I stopped searching and decided that if the churches wanted their information out there, they could send it in to me and I would be more than happy to add it to the calendar. The calendar never changed after that regardless of how many times it was announced in the church calendar to send me the information. That ‘one religion’ happens to have a secretary who cares about letting others in the community know exactly how active it’s members are and sends us press releases to update the community. Your church, whichever it is, is welcome to do the same. By the way, not one of our staff happens to belong to that particular religion so we certainly can’t be accused of playing any favorites. We publish what we get… ask your church secretary to send us information on your churches’ activities and you’ll be suprised how un “one religion” we are.

  10. Robert Bishop says:

    The animosity of these comments is proof that Barbara Ellestad is doing something wrong and is dividing our community instead of just reporting the news. I hope Ellestad can see that everyone notices her one sided effort to put forward her lop sided agenda. Frankly, she was a good reporter but is a terrible editor. When you are responsible, Barbara for dividing your community into two warring camps, it is time to admit you are wrong and go on down the road. It is not only the one sided stories and ads you do print but the absence of stories from the other side. Face it, the MLN is in the gutter and you put it there.

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