Controversial RV Park project canceled

RVParkMeeting-04-28-16: Plans have been canceled for an RV resort located on 14 acres near the Mesquite United Methodist Church and Town and Country commercial mall on West Pioneer Boulevard. Photo by Barbara Ellestad.

RVParkMeeting-04-28-16: Plans have been canceled for an RV resort located on 14 acres near the Mesquite United Methodist Church and Town and Country commercial mall on West Pioneer Boulevard. Photo by Barbara Ellestad.

After a contentious meeting regarding a RV resort on a 14-acre vacant lot located between the Mesquite United Methodist Church and the Town and Country commercial mall on West Pioneer Boulevard, the developers have canceled their plans.

“After considering input from neighbors in the local area, the potential developers of a proposed RV park have decided not to go forward with their plans,” Doug Reath, Premier Properties real estate agent and spokesman for the developers. “They are respectfully considering a project for the vacant land that’s within the guidelines of the current zoning.

The neighborhood meeting on April 21 with Chris Muir and Kent Sweat, potential developers from Heber City, Utah, and Victor Campbell, an engineering consultant with Bulloch Brothers, was intended to notify nearby residents about plans for a 116-lot RV resort with a swimming pool and office building.

Over a hundred residents attended the meeting that quickly turned contentious when the developers lacked specifics of their plans. The men explained to the audience that they didn’t want to spend a lot of money developing architectural and engineering plans until they were more confident the rezoning issue would be approved. That proved to be a wise decision in the end.

The lot, currently zoned for multi-family low density housing that allows eight units per acre, required a rezoning approval by the Mesquite City Council for RV mobile home resort use that also allows eight units per acre. The rezoning hearing was scheduled for the May 24 council meeting.

No rezoning request must be made by potential developers for any project that current fits within the guidelines of the current zoning such as condominiums.

“The RV project has been canceled so please ask people to quit sending me and others hate mail,” Reath added.



  1. Maybe the residents of the development across the street, who oppose the RV park, should purchase the property through their HOA; then they will forever be in control of any future development of that parcel.

  2. Hopefully, the owner of the land will cram in as many units of Section 8 housing to alleviate the high costs of rent in Mesquite.

  3. Concerned dude says:

    ” Doug Reath, Premier Properties real estate agent and spokesman for the developers. ”

    Looks like Geno and Rapson got punked -lol
    These 2 guys being on the council are the biggest conflict of interest politics has seen.
    They sit back,even if they withdraw from the vote for conflict of interest,and use there employees as puppets and work in the background to get what they want- while representing and making thousands of dollars .
    Too bad there mormon buddies could not buffalo the smart crowd at the hearing.
    They smelled what Premier,Litmann was cooking

    • Doug Reath says:

      Concerned Dude is also uninformed dude, The fact of the matter is both Geno and George are independent contractors not owners of Premier and receive NO compensation for the transactions I am involved in. Why don’t you Concerned Dude go out and do something for this community instead of acting like a Passed over Disgruntled Misfit!

      • MBA DUDE says:

        Premier was changed over to a llc. After the premier build a home on a dump fiasco.
        Everyone knows who runs it and the owner was and is.
        Doug- your nose is brown from sticking up for your bosses.
        Spew all you want- the smart people at the hearing smelled what you,your boss who is on the council and unamed city council and heads of the city were cooking.AND IT STUNK-lol
        They ran you and your punks outa town back to utah- lol
        DOUG – were you and your disgrunteld misfits from utah feel like you got passed over? After the hearing?- LOL
        DON’t go away mad premier and dougie- just go away

    • Unconcerned Dude says:

      Too bad…you can’t spell “their”. Or “were”.

      • Mayor Al Litman says:

        How did I get mentioned in this. I have nothing to do with Premier or any real estate company or venture. Concerned dude need to seek mental health therapy on a professional level. Now that’s something I can provide. By the way, I publicly stated that if there was a tie vote on the issue, if it were to come before council, that I would vote no to approve. This was stated at the city manager forum last week at Highland Manor. I don’t care if dude likes me or not, but cut the crap.

        • MBA DUDE says:

          Hey SWELL AL- your not involved? Lol
          If you do not see the conflict with Premier, Geno, Rapson and Dougie boy- YOU SIR,NEED MENTAL HELP THERAPY.

        • Concerned Citizen says:

          Mr. Mayor:

          You need to start voting on all issues, as does the Council, to show transparency as to where you stand on issues, so the voter can see your position(s) throughout your tenure.

          Will the other Mayor Candidate pledge that?

          • Mayor Al Litman says:

            I would be happy to state my position on an issue. At the city manager forum i was asked directly how I would vote if I could, and I did. This administration is always transparent unless it is a legal issue and we cannot by law and statute speak on. Under no circumstances can a mayor of a 266 statute city vote unless it’s to break a tie. If the people want to change the form of of government that we operate under, it would have to go to the state legislature for vote and reformation of our government. If a council person has a conflict of interest on an issue, they are legally advised as to their voting ability. To do otherwise can be an ethical and often legal violation.

          • MBA DUDE says:

            SO MR. LITMAN,
            While a worthy project, RAPSON cast the passing vote and premier made alot of money on that .
            You could have cast the vote to pass and that is cool.
            Again Mr. Litman, if you do not see the conflict of interest with
            Premier,Rapson,Geno, and Dougie -YOU SIR NEED MENTAL HELP THERAPY!

  4. Mike McGreer says:

    Any deal that benefits Premier reality benefits those associated with that business. Geno Withelder abstained from voting on the truck stop deal as he should. Rapson did not because they needed his vote to pass the project.

    • MBA DUDE says:

      Your right Mike
      If it walks like a duck,quacks like a duck and looks like a duck- it is a duck.

      • Mayor Al Litman says:

        I cannot advise anyone to do anything under Nevada Statutes governing a 266 city. If anyone on council has a conflict of interest or even a perceived one, the city attorney would assist them in the determination, not me. If you wish to make incorrect assumptions, you have that right. If you don’t like me, you have that right. If you don’t vote for me, you have that right, and if you wish to comment about me. you have that right. All I know is that I follow the letter of the law at all times. Believe what you wish.

  5. MBA DUDE says:

    Would that be the same atty who got a beatdown on the me too clause for the city employees that the city paid a las vegas atty 80 grand and the city will not now honor?
    Would that be the same atty. that lost his bid to try to get the me too clause that the city agreed to ruled invalid and lost?
    Would that be the same city atty who will now lose the case to arbitration soon?
    Lol – a web of deception

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