Why I Relay

Jeff and Janette Powell

Jeff and Janette Powell

By Jeff Powell

I Relay for a number of reasons. I’m a cancer survivor. I have many family and friends touched by cancer. I’ve seen far too many loved ones pass away from cancer. Cancer needs to be cured and Relay is the single best way to fund cancer research and development.

The progress made from that research and development has been impressive and shows a hope for a brighter future! Most recently, our dear friend Lanette got to experience this when she went to Mao for breast cancer and her radiation done two times a day for five days. The fact that Pancreatic Cancer now has a 10% survival rate instead a 100% mortality rate supports the progress being made in cancer research.

Finally, I recall the day my wife, Janette, and I got out of the car after visiting the oncologist. We were hopeful things would be okay, but we were also fearful if things did not turn out as projected. I don’t want others to have to go through that experience. We hugged, cried and prayed for the best, and we were one of the fortunate ones; we were truly blessed.


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