Tax issue for Home Oxygen systems

In April, the Nevada Tax Commission is hearing final testimony on the taxability of home oxygen systems and other home medical equipment. The Commission must also decide if they agree with a 1990 Nevada Supreme Court decision that exempted all oxygen administration equipment. These systems are used to treat conditions such as asthma, sleep apnea, emphysema, lung cancer, and cardiac disease. Other infant and adult medical equipment must also be ruled taxable or non-taxable for patients who are sick, injured or dying at home.


Most patients suffering from these diseases cannot work and have suffered irreparable financial harm. Their serious medical expenses are made worse by the sales and use tax on life saving equipment; all this for an estimated .0004 cents per dollar of revenue for the state. The Nevada Department of Taxation’s persistence in finding ways to tax the most vulnerable of our citizens on equipment they cannot live without is both cruel and inhumane.

Doug Bennett

Reno, NV


  1. Wendy Ballantyne says:

    Gee Whiz & Good Grief Gertie. Tobacco Tax system was designed so that smokers & cigarette companies paid to cover health care needs of smokers. Money not being used for that by State and Counties. They put it in general funds.

    1) no high electric bills, not paying inflated oxygen concentrator month fees to predatory O2 for-profit corporations
    2) house is cooled by liquid oxygen, rather than heated by the noisy, always running concentrator and limited fixed income elders don’t have huge electric bills, esp in summer.
    3) The patients are not tethered in home to a none portable machine. Remain active, less complications, less depression and are healthier & happier.
    4) LIQUID OXYGEN is safe, portable and keeps elders mobile & free.
    5) Studies, patient/family interviews all document these findings. THINK OF THE PATIENTS’ OUTCOME, NOT PROFIT POSTURE AND KICK BACKS PLEASE.

    However, liquid oxygen systems arenot as much profit margin for the health care medical equipment providers.

    PATIENTS NEED TO DEMAND RX FOR LIQUID OXYGEN FROM THEIR MD, especially if they can leave house, walk etc.

    Retired Home Health RN & Cubic Organization Development System Analysis Method trained Systems Engineer. Advice for free, no charge, non-profit organization. Not going to lose my job or pension for publishing this information. PUBLIC SENIOR CITIZEN PUBLIC EDUCATION, for free. Thanks Mesquite #1 online Newspaper for creating opportunity for me to share this information with others & also politicians currently making budget decisions, and wondering why health care costs so much… my 2 cents.

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