Falcon Ridge Parkway or Raceway

“No matter what we do, we get complaints from Sun City residents,” Tanner said.

At City Manager Andy Barton’s community forum on Thursday, Feb. 18, Mesquite Police Department Chief Troy Tanner discussed an ongoing concern with speeders and speed limits on Falcon Ridge Parkway between Sun City Mesquite and Pioneer Blvd.

Tanner said his department gets a lot of complaints about drivers exceeding the 35 mph speed limit on the four-lane street with anecdotal reports that most of them are construction workers. “When we put a patrol officer out there and he writes tickets to the speeders, they complain that we’re harassing the residents of Sun City because we don’t have anything else to do,” Tanner said.

“We received a couple complaints of speeders on Falcon Ridge,” Barton said. “We also have gotten requests to increase the speed limit from 35 to 45 mph. As a consequence, it’s hard to hit the sweet spot.”

Barton said that MPD made 160 traffic stops on Falcon Ridge Parkway in 2015. Of those, MPD issued 89 citations and 57 warnings.

“Just yesterday, we had eight traffic stops and issued seven citations,” Barton said. “If people are concerned that we’re not doing our part to ensure people don’t speed on Falcon Ridge Parkway, we’re doing what we can. We are stretched pretty thin in the police department and we have safety requirements all through the city.”

Barton added that raising the speed limit “is not something we’re going to see any time soon.”

Tanner explained that because OHVs (off-highway vehicles) use the roadway the speed limit must remain at 35 mph according to city ordinances. “There are a lot of avid OHV riders in the Sun City area. They wouldn’t be able to ride their OHVs on Falcon Ridge Parkway if we raised the limit to 45.”




  1. Why not use photo radar? How about speed bumps? There are always ways to stop speeders. Try harder.

    • “Why not use photo radar?”

      NRS 484A.600 . .
      “A governmental entity and any agent thereof shall not use photographic, video or digital equipment for gathering evidence to be used for the issuance of a traffic citation for a violation of chapters 484A to 484E, inclusive, of NRS unless the equipment is held in the hand or installed temporarily or permanently within a vehicle or facility of a law enforcement agency.”

  2. Most of the speeders are out of state going to and from Sports complex…

    • You are absolutely right and not only that they’re on their cell phones talking. When we have an event up there they use falcon Ridge as a speedway 50 to 60 miles an hour. If I knew I wouldn’t get caught by the police I would take a picture with my phone if you think I’m Kidding

  3. I live in Sun City, and if I get a ticket for speeding, it is NOT because I am being harassed rather it is because I am breaking the law and being a danger to others. Let the complainers complain, but please continue to enforce traffic laws throughout the city because this kind of enforcement keeps the city nice, safe, and respectful. Plus you can get a lot of drug and DUI arrests from traffic stops, all which keep this beautiful city nice. Keep up the good work MPD!

  4. And OHVs need to be on Falcon Ridge Pkwy because…? Responsible riders trailer them to where they want to ride. They call them Off Highway Vehicles for a reason.

  5. Michael Stilley says:

    I don’t think most of the speeders are from out of town. I live in Sun City and the majority of speeders appear to be residents. Yesterday, going to the library, someone in a metallic green Corvette passed me going at least 50 MPH. When I returned home, he passed me again and headed for the new developments North of Flat Top Mesa. I would have gotten his license number but he was too fast. If you own a Green Corvette, you know who you are and what you are. Keep up the patrols because one of these idiots is going to injure or kill someone.

  6. Sun City Resident says:

    I notice police presence on Falcon Ridge is not there when there are tournaments going on. That’s when the real speed violations happen – people rushing to get to their games.

    And, yes, Sun City residents and workers do speed. That’s even apparent on Flat Top Mesa within Sun City! Some vehicles on Flat Top Mesa are going 45 to 50 miles an hour coming off of Falcon Ridge!!!

    Very dangerous!

  7. Steve Clutterham says:

    I agree 100% with leaving ALL areas of Mesquite at 35 MPH or less, and ticketing those who can’t abide by it.. However, I think an even bigger problem than speeders is people failing to come to a complete stop at red lights and stop signs when turning right. It has become an epidemic in this city and I see people doing it right in front of police cars quite frequently, with no consequences. It’s only a matter of time until someone gets hit and killed by these idiot drivers. We all moved to this tiny town for a reason people. Please quit being in such a hurry and stop properly, which is BEFORE the limit line, even if you have already waited for several other cars to turn. Quit being in such a hurry, a few seconds isn’t going to make a difference and it may save a life.

  8. MPD is doing a great job. Sun City residents can’t always have it their way. Especially when the majority of them don’t stick around a full year. Interesting that MPD puts an officer there to catch speeders and they receive backlash from Sun City residents of alleged harassment. Sounds like we found the speeders. Can’t have your cake and eat it too folks.

    • Sun City Resident says:

      Yes we can have it our way as long as we pay the same (if not more) taxes than you! It doesn’t matter how long we are here, etc. We pay our taxes keeping these people employed. They are Public Servants and are expected to perform their duties for the safety of Mesquite Citizens!

      As for receiving backlash from Sun City . . . Well that was a “rumor” started four years ago and somehow still persists today. MPD may be doing a great job but there is always room for improvement!!!

      • I doubt you pay more taxes than anyone here in town. I fact I wouldn’t be surprised if you move back and fourth to evade your state taxes ?

        • Mesquite Resident says:

          If you own a home, you pay taxes no matter if you move back and forth. It’s the property taxes that pay city salaries! We have been paying property taxes since 1999!!!! And you?????

  9. There are no pollution laws here so even you rich people should pay taxes also.

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