Rollover causes traffic delays

Accident-1-7-16A white Honda Accord was the cause of a traffic pileup on I-15 Northbound at milepost 17.5 in Arizona Monday morning. The driver, a 26-year-old woman, was travelling towards St. George when her car rolled for undetermined reasons. She was transported to Dixie Regional Medical Center by Beaver Dam Medics in stable condition with minor injuries. The right lane was closed for several hours afterward due to investigation and clean up according to Arizona Highway Patrol Sergeant John Bottoms. Photo by Debbie Gates, Beaver Dam Fire Department.


  1. I’m glad to hear that she is ok. It looked very bad when we drove by just after 7 this morning…I just hope my car doesn’t decide to roll for an unknown reason…

    • It rolled because I had to swerve to miss a semi and slammed into the barrier

      • Those guys swerve into the other lane all the time. I have just stopped trying to pass them unless it’s on a straight a way or going up one of the hills when they can’t go very fast. I am glad you are alright, mostly anyway. Let me know if you need anything

        • julie folker says:

          I was driving thru the gorge shortly after it happened, and came really close to hitting the Honda. It was dark and raining and I didn’t see the car until I was almost on top of it. I swerved to the left lane and was able to barely miss it. I am really glad the driver is okay I pulled to the side but had no reception to call 9-11. I saw a semi drive pass me and I knew they would call on their radio to highway patrol.

    • i am so glad she was alright i happened upon it right after it happened their was so much debri in the road that i wrecked the front end of my car trying to miss it, it was so dark i did not know what had happened, or what was in the road. i am so sorry that at the time a car had rolled till several hours later and why didn’t the semi driver stop so i don’t know if that would have help but it would have been nice. again i am glad the young lady was sorta okay.

      • I am sore but I am fine the worst of my.injuries are two.conpressed back thank you for your well wishes

  2. Cheryl Young says:

    Praise God you survived! Now I am praying for you and your family today especially!
    May God guide the doctors hands for a successful surgery.for your little one.

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