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Letter to Editor
Enough Already

Most Oregonians, known as “we the people,” are in total agreement with the sentiments voiced by Sally Wells in her recent letter to the Herald and News. The occupation of Malheur Wildlife Refuge by a band of “armed,” hooligan, scofflaw militants is a “misguided, selfish, and greedy” act, and “their actions are illegal.”
Their unlawful actions are negatively impacting the law abiding and mostly “un-armed” Oregonians by fear mongering,  causing the closure of schools, increased law enforcement expense, and by preventing “we the people” to use the refuge for recreation, research, and the enjoyment it has provided for thousands of visitors in the past.
So why is law enforcement being bullied into tolerating their illegal occupation of government buildings, theft of government vehicles, unauthorized removal of a rancher’s fence, removal of government surveillance cameras, endangerment of archaeological artifacts protected by the Antiquities Act of 1906, and invasion the refuge file cabinets. Who knows what else? Who will document and hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions and the expense caused by their actions when their travesty is ended? Will they be allowed to continue their charade until the Hammonds are actually released from prison, as they claim—possibly four years?
Why are the leaders of our law enforcement agencies so timorous and “soft gloved” in their handling of this outrage? Are they actually afraid of a political backlash from adherents of the “Sagebrush Rebellion”?  Or do they actually have a plan in mind to deal with these miscreants and to hold them accountable for their deeds and resultant debts to “we the people”?
As one of “the people,” I sincerely hope this villainous, (cacodemonic, perverse, mephistophelian—pick one) occupation of “our refuge” will soon be terminated and the representatives of “we the people” recompensed for damages and costs.

Kenneth L. Johnston

Klamath Falls, OR



  1. Vickie Jensen says:

    Bravo Mr. Johnson. Oregonians, unlike weak and timid Nevada politicos, make no bones about wanting the Bundys out. It is a fact, the Bundy group contains felons, criminals and even a convicted murderer all looking for something to do with their pitiful lives. Law enforcement has the upper hand in this sick drama and is doing the right thing by waiting them out. Ammon and Ryan Bundy are surely headed for prison for this escapade but cops should not fall into the trap of creating a confrontation that is exactly what the Bundys want. Encircle them, cut off all electricity, no one in or out and the buffoon rebellion will be over.

  2. Lee R Harper says:

    Welcome to the new world people.

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