Buttler Hits New Record

This past week local golfer Jim Buttler managed to shoot his age or better for the 100th time while playing in the falcon ridge’s weekly tourney. What a way to start off the new year. Jim has been having back problems and was thinking he wouldn’t make it past 98 times where he was stuck for almost two months. This has been a long ride to get to this point.

The first time was a 71 from the blue tees several years ago then followed by 13 times off the white tees. After reaching the age of 80 Jim moved up to the senior tees and is having the time of his golf life.

Jim said that he feels fortunate to be playing most of his rounds at the Falcon Ridge course as it seems to fit his game which has shortened up considerably and also the great bunch of linksters he gets to play with.


  1. Neil Hendricks says:

    That’s an amazing accomplishment, and it’s a real treat to play golf with Jim. His ability to focus, shot by shot, is a real inspiration. Congratulations, Jim!

  2. Bill Swanson says:

    Good for you! I know your next goal is 200 times.

  3. It an amazing fete! But JB told me he was only 54 and I believed him. He is true rock out there. He concentrates like PGA star, and putts like one too. Well done Jimbo, Ricardo

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