Chevy Wins the Battle

Two older trucks, a Chevrolet and a Ford, were in a collision accident on Sandhill Blvd in front of Big O Tires Monday morning, Jan. 4 at approximately 11 a.m. There were no serious injuries sustained by either driver. The Mesquite Fire & Rescue and Mesquite Police Department officers were on the scene.

While the Ford truck sustained considerable damage on the driver’s side, the Chevy was only slightly damaged on the front end.

Names of the drivers were not available.



  1. Lanny Bryant says:

    Just depends on circumstances, bumper height, angle at impact, a dozen things.Watch the construction sites and see what contractors are driving, 85% Fords. I’ll wear out more steering wheels with my Ford than most Chevys will wear out tires———–Ford, Built with out your tax dollars………

    • couldn’t agree more Ford is on almost every job site the front end of a vehicle is able to handle more of an impact then a side of the vehicle so of course the Chevy is going to have minimal damage

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