Good Times Closes

BadTimes-12.23.15It’s official. There was simply not enough support from local residents and snowbirds to keep Good Times Yogurt & More from closing their doors on Friday, Dec. 18.

According to previous discussions from owner Barry Reisig, the business had been slower once the snowbirds left in early 2015. He had hoped that with them returning this fall, that the business would be able to continue on and thrive.

After several attempts to draw people into his restaurant, the Mesquite Local News was notified that the business had in fact closed. Anyone driving up to their location will see the sign as pictured.

For those who had purchased gift cards or gift certificates, refunds will be arranged by calling 702-346-2676.


  1. K Wentworth says:

    Sorry to see a nice place go. Thanks for friendly and clean service provided. The yogurt was great.

  2. A BAD location.
    In fact, the way Mesquite’s roads are all divided up, nearly every business is difficult to get to.
    I’m not sure where I’d locate a non-chain business in Mesquite.

  3. We are so sorry to see another small business close in Mesquite. I agree about locations for businesses here. I am an owner of Guns & Guitars and when we opened almost 5 years ago, it was difficult to choose a location where people could find us easily. We eventually decided on where we are (across from Walmart and next to Dollar Tree), but it is still hard to explain to people how to access our store if they are coming up Pioneer from Falcon Ridge Parkway. The terraces that resulted from the “beautify Mesquite” project are nothing but a pain to everyone. Not only do they limit access, but they also impede visibility. So 5 years later, people are still finding us for the first time. That’s pretty crazy in a town with limited businesses.

    • I so agree with you Jan. Location is everything and this “Beautification project was one of the worse things to happen to Mesquite. It makes it hard to access most of the business’s.. I am sorry to see another good business go under.. 🙁

      • These are the things that happen when the rulemakers have never operated a retail business. You cannot make enough sales to pay the bills and employees when people can’t find you. Overly restrictive sign regulations and shopping centers that are designed with poor visibility for the businesses are a death sentence for small businesses. Every year more and more are closing, most on the north side of the freeway.

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