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Denene Torgensen

Denene Torgensen

Denene Torgenson along with her husband David from Salina Utah moved into the Mesquite area August 1st 2015 opening up anew RV & Outdoor Supply store in the Brickyard Plaza on Mesquite Blvd. Denene and her husband have been involved with the Ultimate Dutch Oven with Camp Chef from Logan, Utah for the last 17 years. Her father Dent Sorensen invented the Ultimate Dutch oven from a tire rim. She was intrigued with the Mesquite area and the people. When discovering how many live here that have RV’s with no RV supply store she felt this would be a great place to bring the Ultimate Dutch Oven and add RV supplies to here inventory. So a new adventure began and she opened up the DDT (Dutch Oven Dinner Time)  RV & Outdoor Supply Store.

Denene says business has been slow but knowing it does take time to get the business name out and it excites her to know that Mesquite now has and RV Outdoor store. Her store is quite unique it has so many different items. RV Supplies, Patio fire pits, the WASP CAM, e-cloth, Smoker pellet stoves, small Whiskey Barrels, Cast Iron cook ware, Lounge chair’s to patio chairs, Grandma Sorensen Salve, to her own copy write Cook book.

dutch ovenDenene says she has one of the most unique and most important item in her store named Grandma Sorensen Salve. This salve her Great Grandmother brought across the plains with her and passed this recipe down to her children which her grandma passed to her. The salve pulls out the soreness and bring down the swelling it also fights infection. Every athlete should have and use this salve that is made with bees wax and mutton tallo.

Come check out this quite unique exciting fun store. 355 West Mesquite Blvd # D80. Denene and her husband David would love to be in Mesquite for some time.



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  1. I knew there was someone out there who would make it big,, and to find out it is my cute cousin Valenes daughter Denene. Way to go!!!

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