Water Issues Are Big Concern

To the Editor:

I am on the Virgin Valley Water District Board because you voted for me twice to represent you to take care of our water.

But I also have the right to speak as a private citizen because my personal concerns are as important as yours.

During public comments at the Mesquite City Council meeting on October 13, 2015, I asked that the mayor, staff and developers do their due diligence about water availability in light of plans to develop the new freeway exit at mile 118. It is important that this community know, for sure, that there is sufficient water into the future for water intensive businesses such as truck stops.

Anyone who cares about our community surviving should have water concerns. Southern Nevada has been in a 15-year drought. No one knows for sure how much water is in Basin 222 where the majority of our potable water is derived. VVWD has gotten legislation passed to change will serve letters so it can get payment for promised water that hasn’t been used, or get it back so it can provide needed water now or in the future.

VVWD does have a master plan that was passed in 2012 before the approval of the new freeway exit. But a plan is only a plan and subject to change. It is prudent to make decisions based on current information and not make assumptions, especially on such a critical commodity as water.

While volunteering at the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce, I would answer the question posed by prospective businesses and residents — do we have enough water? It is the most vital question in a desert community in a drought region.

Therefore, as a private citizen, I am asking that the mayor, staff and developers insist on adequate verifiable information that there is sufficient water to carry out plans being developed for the freeway exit at mile 118. I hope you will join me and ask that question too.

Sandra Ramaker


  1. Thank you for your continued willingness to point out common sense questions for people living in the desert Sandra. Those who say we “have plenty of water for the next 30 or 40 years” are not answering the right questions. The real questions are 1) How much water do we KNOW that we have available via real and verifiable evidence? and 2) Of the water that we KNOW we can have available if we develop it, HOW MUCH is NOT already pledged (guaranteed) to people (or developers)? The VVWD has issued in the past (for receipt of payment) “will serve” letters for approximately 7,0000 undeveloped lots. There are currently about 10,000 developed lots in Mesquite so yes, we might have enough water for the 7,000 lots to which we have pledged it, so yes we likely have enough to meet what we have ALREADY pledged, but do we really have enough to pledge a lot more to anyone other than those we have already agreed to service, including water thirsty business enterprises. Ask THAT question.

  2. Terry Adams says:

    Good going Sandy…..thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention.


  3. Darlene Tornes says:

    Thanks Sandy we all need to be asking this question.

  4. Hope everyone is enjoying you’re higher water bills,caused by the last water price increase which caused a reduction in usage resulting in less revenue to the water company.

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