VV Tea Party invites public

The Virgin Valley Tea Party will meet at the Falcon Ridge golf course on Nov. 5 at 6 p.m.

Several speakers will be on hand:
Tom Jones, is running for the United States Senate. He states our children and grandchildren are a worry for him. The national debt is over $18 trillion and growing. This amounts to $130,000 for every man woman and child in the United States.

Kelsey Tueller is the field director for Americans for Prosperity. Tueller will be speaking about this grass roots leadership program That was founded in 2004. AFP is fighting for lower taxes and less government.

Connie Foust is running for State Assembly in District 19. She does not just “talk the talk but walks the walk”. She recognizes and believes in conservative and limited government. She will work for your best interests and concerns. Foust lives in Mesquite.

You’re encouraged to come at 5 p.m. for dinner, ordering what you wish off of the menu. This is a great time to socialize and become acquainted with the other members. If you plan to come at 5 please RSVP to: Donna at 702-346-0501 or e-mailat dap236@aol.com so the staff can plan accordingly.


  1. beaverdambob says:

    I think the tea party is an evil organization that is out to bring this great country down. Just look at who they have in congress that is causing all the problems. why would any one want to go to one of these morons meetings, as a veteran I certinally won’t go. I love my country and my freedom.

    • Manas Domas says:

      I love my country too and it is going in the wrong direction. Why don’t you listen first, Beaverdambob, and see what they are all about and not just call someone evil because you do not know anything about them.

  2. beaverdambob says:

    manas fomas

    you must be one of the tea party extremists I as talking about, so let me say up front that you are wasting your time trying to convince me to even listen to the tea party nut jobs. You must be living in a parrallel universe that is not in touch with what is really going on. According to you and your nut job tea party, everything is messed up. Lets take a look at that just for a moment. According to your party, obama messed everything up. yeah right like when he took office in 2008, we were doing so well under bush, who crashed the economy and lost more jobs than any president in history. got us into 2 wars and cost us thousands of lives. So you will never be able to convince me to even listen anymore to your nutjobs.

    With nuts like palin ,cruz who have done NOTHING to better our fine country,
    The tea party is dead.
    Let us look at palin,who quit her job midterm as an alaska govener,whose daughter has had 2 illigetimate babys- lol.
    Cruz ,who tried to shut the governmement down ,which actually cost us more money.
    Bush did such a crappy job,obama got elected twice.
    R.I.P.- tea party – your a joke
    And hey- isn’t that Bundy, whom doesn’t pay his bills , and owes the government thousands in back fees, a tea partier? There you go.

  4. beaverdambob says:

    dear enforcer

    thanks for the support, apparently I am not the only one out here who thinks the tea party is nothing but a bunch of nut jobs.


  5. My first question to the tea party would be- ” why aren’t you guys screamin about the
    Deadbeat Bundy,who owes thousands to the government,in grazing fees?”
    Oh ,but of course ,he is a tea party fanatic.
    There is no such thing,for years as open ,free grazing. Yet your tea party boy gets a pass on thousands of dollars owed.
    If bundy was black ( sorry blacks) you tea party guys would be piceting him.
    And his boy,cresent hardy pulls strings for his boy,bundy to keep deadbeating on his fees.
    Any one else would have been shut down long ago, property seized,and auctioned off to pay fees and back taxes, but not bundy.
    This is just one example what a joke the tea party is- clean up your own house before you complain about others.
    The palin family has more issues than the kardasians – LOL

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