Pilot Flying J Withdraws Application for Exit 120 Travel Center

Mesquite City Liaison Officer Aaron Baker announced Monday, Oct. 26 that the City received notice Friday morning, Oct. 23 that Pilot Flying J requested their applications for a Travel Center / Truck Stop at Exit 120 be withdrawn for the time being.  “Therefore, their requests for a Conditional Use Permit, Architectural and Site Plan Review, and Sign Variance will not appear on the City Council’s agenda Nov. 10,” Baker explained.

It’s the second time Pilot Flying J has pulled an application for a Travel Center/Truck Stop in Mesquite. The company had begun a variance request for a Travel Center at the I-15 Exit 122 interchange in January 2013. Their plans were to tear down the old Mesquite Star Casino Hotel and build the travel Center. The Eureka Casino Resort ended up purchasing the property from Mesquite Gaming and is currently renovating the hotel.

Public outcry over the TC at the busy Exit 122 interchange was intense and promised to be just as severe with the new application for Exit 120. Residents were already complaining about trucks maneuvering through the roundabouts at Exit 120 saying they were not conducive to the traffic.

The property at Exit 120 is owned by the Hafen Family and is already zoned for commercial/hotel/casino. Pilot Flying J would need a conditional use permit and variance before building a travel center/truck stop.


  1. This project would have been a job magnet, but the round about sure makes driving that area a pain. Hopefully, they look at another site out of the city.

  2. Even hafen and the mormon machine could not get this to fly.
    Imagine that roundabout with semi’s rollin thru 24-7?
    And a flying j is a job magnet? Really.
    At most about 6-8 minimum wage jobs and 2 managers.
    But hey,when compared to mesquite growth under the littmann crew,yes i guess something is better than nothing or a few dollar stores and taco shops-lol

  3. Vickie Jensen says:

    That property is not good for any kind of business. With the roundabout, any increase in vehicle traffic would be deadly and would be blamed directly on the Hafens. That piece of scrub land should be agricultural only and better left to non-commercial use. The Hafens tried to sneak one past the public and got caught. That land is basically worthless except for agriculture.

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