DVT Reporter takes City job

Desert Valley Times news reporter Jesselyn Bickley has taken a position with the City of Mesquite as a Business license clerk and assistant planner according to City Manager Andy Barton. She starts her new job Oct. 19.

Image courtesy of Bickley's Facebook page.

Image courtesy of Bickley’s Facebook page.

Bickley has been with the DVT for two and a half years. She is a graduate of Franklin College in Indiana, her home state.

She recently won three second-place awards in the 2015 Nevada Press Association Better Newspaper Contest including coverage of the new medical marijuana production facility and dispensary in Mesquite. One of her awards was for reporting on the trouble in the Highland Hills subdivision that surfaced last year after it was discovered homes were built too close to an old city garbage dump.

Bickley declined comment for this story saying she simply wanted to fade into the background.


  1. Brilliant move by city and premier properties getting her a job at the city so she has to clam up and not talk or testify against the city or premier properties.
    The city issued permits at that dump site and premier developed and sold property there-
    Again ,brilliant move by city / geno witholder/ premier.
    Can you say “SILENCIO” ? Geno can- lol

    • Her working for the City of Mesquite does not prevent her testimony in any court. She can still be subpoenaed and would still have to testify. Her testimony is already public record through her articles.

      • A gift or tiding has benn given to her from the good ol boyz, in the form of this job.
        She will now invoke a pro- mormon geno policy to help rapson,geno among others.
        And charley, we know she can still be called to testify ,but now her testimony after recieving this tiding will be much more pro geno rapson

  2. This is a joke, right? If not, I’d really like to know the process used by MLN’s editor in deciding that this was “news.” And if this is news then I look forward to the article providing full details about the person who recently left their job at Walmart and is now working at the Casablanca. Or maybe Barbara is still miffed at DVT for reporting on her obvious conflict of interest with regard to MLN and VVWD.

  3. Brandon Cox says:

    Geez Doofus, you really live up to your username, haha. The only reason this is news is because Ms. Bickley does indeed work for a newspaper company, and yes, like MLN had to announce Barb as Editor because of her status as a board member for Virgin Valley Water District, it’s only right and fair that Mesquite Local News disclose this information, provided by the City. The reason Ms. Bickley probably chose not to comment is because it’s against Gannett’s policy. The Desert Valley Times were proud of their 2nd place finishes, but couldn’t share Mesquite Local News’ winnings. Reporting on businesses and issuing licenses…you tell me if there’s a conflict there.

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