Council got the city clerk hire right in the end

We did the right thing. Sometimes you  have to stand up for what you know in your heart is the right thing, even when it doesn’t make sense by looking at the numbers.

There were statements made during an Attorney/Client meeting covering personnel matters that I wish could be brought to light. I can’t repeat those statements because it would be a violation of both Attorney/Client and personnel policies.

That being said, I don’t understand how it would make sense to hire someone who met the minimum requirements when we already have a person with all of the qualifications currently in that position. It simply wouldn’t make sense to put someone with no municipal experience in a highly technical position that takes several certifications as an entry level employee. It’s not an entry level position. It never has been.

If we had awarded the position to Sheree Goessman, we would have been effectively doing to Tracy Beck the very same thing that had been done to Sheree years before. Removing a current loyal employee who had been maintaining a position.

Tracy stepped up to the plate, took the job seriously in May when Cherry Lawson resigned. She worked hard to obtain her certification and do the best job possible for the City of Mesquite.

There were problems with the numbers. We’d had to have the scores rechecked previously. We still had issues as evidenced at council. Short of having the entire set of score sheets re-tallied I don’t trust the numbers. I do believe the process for hiring in these positions is flawed and needs to be revamped.

I’ve hired and employed many people in Mesquite over the years. It’s never about who scores highest on the test. It’s always about people.

At the end of the day this is not an election, it is an appointment by city council. Tracy Beck won that appointment with a 3-2 vote of  council.

I stand behind my vote. We did the right thing.


  1. What happened to Sheree will forever be a black stain on Mesquite’s government. The good old boy (girl) system has yet to leave us by the comments made at the council meeting.

    • Sonny Graham says:

      I love Sheree. I have worked with her since she joined the school district in Beaver Dam. I can understand wanting to work closer to home, but I’m glad we didn’t lose her (no apologies for sounding selfish).

    • Cindi Delaney says:

      You’re right. Sheree did not deserve what happened to her. And as hard as this was.
      Two wrongs don’t make a right.
      I’m glad she’s loved and appreciated in her current position.

  2. Brian Wursten says:


    What the council did is wrong! I have worked with Mindee for 12 years and I know that the numbers were right and she was the best for the job! The Mayor, you, Rich and Geno had this decision made long before council meeting. As happy as I am that that I still have Mindee I feel sorry for the city. Why did you even open this position if you wanted to keep Tracy? It was very obvious there are issues with Tracy as the City Attorney openly stated in council meeting. I asked several of the dept heads and not one council member did diligence and asked them how Tracy was doing, why? For a council that wants transparency and to do the right thing, at least 3 of you and the Mayor are doing a poor job.

    • Steve Clutterham says:

      None as so blind as he who will not see.

      • Steve, you’re an absolute clown and need to find a different hobby than sitting around waiting for someone to shed light on how your wife was the wrong decision for the job.
        Well said Brian! It’s a good thing that some of the city council and the mayors terms are up next year. Not soon enough though.
        Cindi, it’s been said and I’ll say it again. The system is flawed because the results didn’t show what you guys wanted them to show. What a disgrace to the city. You guys want the city to run well but will not do what’s necessary to make it do so and that’s why it’s a mess down there.

        • Steve Clutterham says:

          I’m sure you are right James. Tracy has the most education, Masters in business vs, Bachelors. She has the most business experience, 27 years at UCLA with many promotions and citations and zero problems. 2 years as an AA at Black Gaming. She has nearly 2 years of Mesquite Assistant City Clerk experience. Tracy has completed nearly all REQUIRED education to be a licensed city clerk. Mindee has no municipal education or experience. Again, human resources specifically said that they would not even have call Mindee in for an interview if they had not been TOLD to by a council member.
          Contrary to What Mr. Hafen said in his temper tantrum at the meeting, forcing Tracy out with nearly 2 years of faithful service and all of her background and education to put in the least qualified person would have genuinely reeked of the old administration.
          And by the way ever since Tracy took over this position last year when Cherry left, she has been doing the job without the 19 hour a week temp than Cherry had in Tracy, saving the city LOTS of money. Mindee would not have had the knowledge and experience to do this.

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