Yeh Wins MMGA Summer Net Tournament

It was no surprise since the third week in June that Andrew Yeh would win the MMGA’s version of the “Fed-Ex” Cup net tournament.  That brave prediction was based on the fact that he seldom shoots over 75 and earns medalist honors seven out of eight days.  So he won with a total 4,964 pts to runner up Bubba Petrick’s 3.605.  Third place, with 3,496 pts went to Tom Durenberger edging out Manny Lira at 3,408.  The tournament was played from June to the end of August at all the courses in Mesquite, Coyote Springs and several courses in St. George.  So the competition was very diverse and challenging.  Listed below are the remaining players and their standings:

          SUMMER                                     2015  thru 8-27 MESQUITE MENS GOLF ASSOCIATION             FED  EX  CUP COMPETION  STANDINGS
ANDREW YEH   4964  
JIM PETRICK   3605  
MANNY  LIRA   3408  
ED  HOEPFNER   3362  
DON  MANNON   3081  
JOEL  REILLY   2740  
KEN  WARD   2685  
HAL   RUNDLE   2584  
DAVE JORDAN   2474  
DAN TROWER   2073  
JIM  ANDERSON   1891  
PAT HUETTER   1773  
PAUL  LEVAN   1439  
BEN  BISHOP   1147  

The next scheduled play is Tuesday, Sept 8th at 10:00 at SKY MT and Thursday Sept 11th at 9:00 at the LEDGES  All times are local times.   Always check your sig up sheets for any corrected times or places.  Anyone interested in joining the MMGA can call 702-346-6363.  Also check out our website at

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