Officer Stops a Crime in Progress

Levi Billsie

Levi Billsie

On Monday, September 6, while on routine patrol, a Mesquite Police Officer observed a suspicious male pushing a Walmart shopping cart filled with brand new items along the side of Pioneer Blvd.  The officer stopped and walked up to the man and began a conversation.  The officer observed many high-dollar items in the shopping cart, including two televisions.  Through the officer’s conversation with the suspicious male, he was able to develop probable cause to detain him for further investigation.  The officer returned to Walmart and was able to obtain evidence through video surveillance which proved all the items inside the shopping cart had just been stolen by the detained male suspect.

The officer was able to identify the suspect as Levi Billsie, 23, from Las Vegas, Nevada.  Levi Billsie was arrested and charged with: two felony counts of burglary and one felony count of grand larceny.  Levi was transported and booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

Lieutenant MaQuade Chesley commented on the incident; “Thanks to the officer’s actions and proactive police work, a crime in progress was stopped and a criminal who had just moved to the Mesquite area from Las Vegas was identified before he could successfully commit this crime and possibly stop him from committing others.”


  1. Margaret Clark says:

    Nice work, Officer!

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