Improvements made at Hafen Park

Recently, Hafen Park had a new rubberized playground surface installed and LED lights installed around the splash pad, basketball court and the playground area.  These improvements add to the usability and safety of the area.

The playground surface is composed of 100% recycled rubber products, which makes it durable and cost-effective.  Additionally, the rubber will not freeze, compress, erode, decompose or blow or wash away, like other play surfaces tend to do.  Another nice feature is that the rubber will not bleed onto clothes or skin, even in the rain.
The pour-in-place rubber surface is comprised of two layers: a cushion layer made of clean, recycled tire rubber; and a decorative addition of the color match speckles.

Residents are invited to go and experience the new upgrades first hand.


  1. Too bad the MILLION dollar splash pad doesn’t have this

  2. Kaite klein says:

    How about some shade?!

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