Clark County votes to increase sales tax for More Cops funding

Tuesday marked a pivotal point in Clark County history when Clark County Commissioners voted in favor of increasing sales tax within Clark County from 8.1% to 8.15% beginning in January 2016. Former Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie had been trying to get such funding for the past two years with no luck.

Chief Troy Tanner told the MLN that “we are very appreciative of the County Commission for revisiting and passing the initiative. There has never been a time in our country’s history when we have needed more cops than now.”

The measure passed 6-1 with Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani being the sole no vote. The passing will generate over $19 million dollars, with roughly $140,000 going to the Mesquite Police Department.


  1. Liberty Shirl says:

    The saddest part is that they already have the funds in their budget. Too bad we didn’t force the forensic audit. We might have been able to have 3 times as many more cops! The laziness to review where the waste is never amazes me.

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