This Week in History August 26, 2015

1895: A small school was held in Charlie Hardy’s House.Lorena Hardy was the teacher.

August 1928: Wallace Berry lands his crippled airplane in Littlefield. First plane to land there.

Photo courtesy of the Virgin Valley Heritage Museum.

Photo courtesy of the Virgin Valley Heritage Museum.

August 29, 1932: The highway between Riverside and Lundy’s was completed and ready for gravel, when a storm came from the west flooding both the Town and Abbott Washes. The flood covered cane, corn ,alfalfa fields, fruit trees and grapes on the vine. Almost ruined Tobler’s, Leavitt’s, Vern Pollock, Rob Barnum and Richin’s place.  The temporary bridge had partially washed out stranding 200 tourists. The town made lemonade out of lemons by opening their homes to those stranded and holding a large dance at the open air dance hall featuring Elmer Hughes’ orchestra,  they all had a ” lovely time” (from Historical Record of the Mesquite Ward Compiled for the Ward Fair 1943)

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