The Center needs work

To the Editor:

After reading the comments from our Mayor I have a few comments of my own as I use this facility five days a week.  Since this is a city run facility it should be “top notch” for our residents.

 Equipment in the weight room is NOT kept clean and working.  There has been a treadmill “out of order” for over two months (still not working).

 There is one treadmill that makes such a noise that no one wants t use it.  This has been ongoing for quite sometime.

 The fans over the treadmills are so dirty, big chunks of dirt come off them when they are turned on.

 The circuit room has older equipment and is used by others not only seniors.  The floor is dirty and the machines need new batteries in them.  There is one piece of equipment that has been “out of order” for over a month (still not working).

 Pool area: for a public pool I find it amazing that it is not kept cleaner than it is.  The tile is very dirty, not sure when it was last cleaned; the pool bottom is full of dirt, not sure when the last time it was cleaned.  The women’s locker room has toilets that the automatic flush is broken and has been for sometime.  The family dressing rooms are very dirty, floors, sinks, shower area and the bugs are bad.

Ronnie Curtis



  1. Carol Thatcher says:

    I sent an e-mail to the City about the pool but no reply. All summer people have been pooping in the pool. This has been the worst year for that and nothing said at the front desk about diapers for babies to wear. Parents should be told when they come in, but nothing is said to them. Some teen age girls told me they knew what boys were peeing in the pool and the boys think it is funny. So they throw in more chlorine and the pool is closed. About cleaning the pool, they used to borrow equipment from another place to vacuum I do not know now. Lack of lifeguards so indoor pool closed but outside pool open. But they have to close down sections of pool outside. There are people who cannot swim in the sun so they depend on the indoor pool to be open. I was told to call before I came swimming to see if the pool was open. People come and swim in street clothes. No one says a thing to them. Showers are required before going into water but ignored. Shower curtains are torn now as they cannot seem to get rings that slide to prevent that. People very careless of how they treat showers. Yes, always dirt in bottom of pool and tile never clean even when they close down the place for a week tile is not much better. I have been there for nine years and no change. On Sunday it seems more reasonable to open the pool in the afternoon then in the a.m. The City owns the pool, not a public pool like others so when the City has a holiday, the pool is closed. I have never understood why the pool is closed for a week to clean. It as it does not take a week to clean a pool. The lifeguards are supposed to do the cleaning which does not seem fair but that is my opinion. The employees are the ones who clean the center. The money taken in goes to the City so why is the place taken care of that way? How do they get by with inspections from the Health Department? No one knows where the money goes and who knows how much is used to take care of the facilities. The facility is not top priority I don’t think. The answer is they have no money. I wish we had another place to swim here, but we don’t. There is no air inside the pool but very cold in the hallway so why can’t we have a door open to share some of that refrigeration? I could go on and on and I do not understand why Mr. Litman wrote what he did and why no one else has said anything, maybe because they are ignored. I am always told nothing we can do about it. Carol

  2. Plus relocate the check in area right in front of the entrance maybe that will help with the revenue. Too many times have I seen people just walk in without proper check in. I have been to many Recreational Centers that have a proper check in process with gates and everything to ensure that every person who is using the facility is paying their way. However, that has not been the case in Mesquite the staff seems to not care who comes in and if they are paying.

  3. I enjoy the facility but the women’s locker room floor and dressing rooms and showers are in need of a power wash and sanitizer. They are grungy. I don’t plan to use the facility until it’s cleaned up. PLEASE Mayor Litman, come up with a checklist and assign these things to be done.
    Respectfully Linda

    • Carol thatcher says:

      Many people are very disgusted about things there and more pool closing shift this week for inside pool. None of our concerns are in the regular paper. We have no voice about anything there. Nothing can be done but has to do with 25 hours and not being allowed to get 40 hours andObama Care is responsible because if insurance. I guess the City can’t pay for insurance. We all wonder when we will get the truth. Casa Blanca helping with life guards but upset. Why is none of this covered publically? We pay our fees and then inside pool closed. Why did life guards quit there? I believe they get $8.50 an hour and Casa Blanca pays more. So, who is brave enough to put this in the paper?

      • Carol thatcher says:

        Life guards can only work 25 hours. It is because of insurance for them and Obama Care involved? I was not clear.

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