Mesquite Golf Courses schedule overseed closures

It marks the end of summer in Mesquite. The scorching temperatures begin to subside. The kids go back to school. The golf courses in town start turning brown and closing one by one as the annual grass overseeding process begins. It’s a costly, but necessary means of ensuring the courses have green grass all through the winter.

Here’s the overseed schedule for this fall:

Course Closed Period Cart Path Only Period
Canyons Sept. 3-20 Sept. 21-30
CasaBlanca Sept. 8-26 Sept. 27 – Oct 8
Conestoga Sept. 8-24 Sept. 25 – Oct. 9
Falcon Ridge Sept. 14 – Oct. 2 Oct 3-16
Palmer Sept. 14-30 Oct 1-8
Palms Sept. 15 – Oct. 4 Oct. 5 -15
Wolf Creek Sept. 7-24 Sept. 25-30


  1. Becky Calypool says:

    What is the over seeding schedule for 2016. Planning to visit in October and will schedule based on the over seeding. Thanks.

  2. Rick Cummings says:

    Do you have the schedule for 2017 yet?

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