Is it really broken?

To the Editor:

Not that it ever ends but the political season is in full bloom as candidates of all stripes do their finest impressions of people pretending to have our best interests at heart. One of the main topic’s of this cycle concerns our broken immigration system and the need for immigration reform. Maybe I’m not fully comprehending the problem but is the system broken or merely unenforced? Politicians seem fond of claiming the system is broken which kind of relieves them from the responsibility of enforcing existing laws. I know if I were a candidate and had the choice of stating “the system is broken” or “I’ve been derelict in my duty to uphold the laws of this nation” it wouldn’t be hard to figure out which way I would go. I’m certainly no legal scholar but I’m guessing we have laws on the books that essentially state that it is unlawful to enter or be in the United States illegally. If we do reform our immigration laws won’t they essentially state that it is unlawful to enter or be in the United States illegally? And if our elected officials are unwilling to enforce existing laws, what gives anyone confidence that these same people will magically enforce future laws?

Once the new laws are written and we know conclusively that it is unlawful to enter or be in the United States illegally, we still have the problem of what to do with those that are already here. I know all of the candidates are concerned, or at least are pretending to be concerned with the dilemma of having millions of (pick your favorite descriptive phrase) illegal aliens, undocumented workers, asylum seekers here in our country. I’m not knowledgeable enough to come up with a good solution, but if I did, like a good politician I would have to evolve and change it in two weeks due to political pressure from some special interest group. The presence or absence of those millions should be determined solely by what best benefits the general population, but something tells me it will be determined by what best benefits the individual politicians and their respective party. For those of you looking to assign 51% or more of the blame to one party or the other, good luck as both share equal responsibility and culpability.

I do try and remain positive and believe there are stalwarts of the Republic on both sides of the aisle that would like to fix our broken immigration system. This is very important to them so that they can move on to the next issue which is “our broken education system” If they work together for the common good I’m confident these concerned individuals could solve these problems in a hurry. If not, I guess they can always claim that “Washington is broken”. You know… I’m beginning to see a pattern.

Jimmy Wike



  1. Liberty Shirl says:

    Jimmy, I agree both parties, actually all of Congress will tell you whatever you want to hear, and care little for fixing anything. Maybe they should move both of those Departments to the State level and let the People fix those 2 Departments, DOI and DOE, (Dept of Immigration and Dept of Education), within their own state of NV. The Federal Government was not suppose to be running all of these ABC agencies!
    Maybe the NV legislature can work on fixing that as well as restructuring and having the Department of Immigration and Education here at state level. I bet our state could run leaner and more efficient department(s) with all of this managed by the people in and for Nevada.
    Nevada has the highest percentage of illegal immigrants of all the states! Research it folks. Maybe we here at state level could do a better job with the e-verify system that seems not updated or accurate. If illegals are working in NV then the companies giving those jobs are lying or the e-verify system is inaccurate. If they are found to be lying then revoke their business license. No fines, just revoke their right to do business in NV. They should stop abuse and infringements.
    I am sure of one thing, if they simply refuse service to anyone, for any entitlements, that cannot produce proper ID, showing that they are legal, that would cut way back on our welfare funds as well. And that should also be ran by the State! Likewise if they cannot produce proper ID showing that they are legally here and they are picked up and or arrested, then they should be put on a non stop bus if they entered from Mexico, or flown back to their country otherwise. That should cut back on funds being handed out as well. Many thing there are few illegals abusing the system, well folks they are using fraud papers and IDs, SS#s and such so it won’t show as they are illegal, but they are.
    Now with all that negative above please note that we also need a working Dept of Immigration within the state for immigrants to apply and get through a system process in a timely manner. So when they arrive with their visa they would be entitled for a timely process. That process could easily include a pregnancy test for the women and therefore if they are indeed pregnant, that could be included on their paperwork and process. If we do not want to allow for the child upon birth then that woman has to go back to her country right then and there, until she can come in again legally and go through the process. The process can also tell them that they are responsible to attend an English as a second language class at their expense, not our Dept of Education and the People’s expense. Once they become a legal immigrant they will appreciate those few rules. We want immigrants! We simply want legal immigrants.
    No proper ID = deport. Proper ID (say with a visa) process through the State’s Dept of Immigration.
    Now tell me what is unfair about that? Nothing if it is enforced and the dept does their job of processing these folks in a reasonable time frame.
    Also remember folks that other countries are far more restrictive than what is described above.

  2. Manas Domas says:

    Very well said, and I also know that some individuals in Mesquite will totally disagree with you. However, it is the truth! Many will say that the cost to correct the situation is to great since we would have to deport all of them. That is also not true. In fact we have deported unlawful immigrant on three occasions and it was done by Hoover, Truman, Eisenhower, and it was done to provide jobs for Americans. Instead of deporting all the illegal immigrants that we have now, we could follow past immigration procedures such as:
    1/ Register. If you fail to do that then you will be deported.
    2/ If you are employed and it is verified by employer then you get a Green card to stay.
    3/ If you are not employed and have sufficient funds to support yourself or is you are supported by someone else, then you get an Orange card and you can stay.
    4/ If you can’t meet item 2 and 3 or have a criminal record, you get a Red card and you can leave on your own or you will be deported.
    5/ Each year you must renew your card and the process will be handled by the states through the DMV offices.
    Yes it will cost but more Americans will be employed, pay their taxes, and spend all of their money in our economy.

  3. Ilegales equal votes for Democrats! If Illegals were voting for Republicans, the border wall, would have already been built.

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