Car crash results in marijuana arrest

A two car collision at the corner of Mesquite Boulevard and Yucca Street around noon, Aug. 13 sent one driver to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.CarCrash-08-14-15-01 CarCrash-08-14-15-02

James Reed, 78, made a left turn off Yucca Street onto Mesquite Boulevard and hit the side of a blue Honda Civic as it traveled westbound on the boulevard sending it careening across the street towards the Mesquite Art Gallery. Reed refused medical treatment while the Honda Civic driver, James Pollock, 24, was taken to Mesa View Regional Hospital by Mesquite Fire and Rescue ambulance.

After medical treatment Pollock was arrested by Mesquite Police Department officers for possession of felony quantities of marijuana found in his car after the accident.

Reed told a bystander that the brakes failed on his 2015 Ford Edge preventing him from stopping before he entered the intersection. Reed was cited for failure to yield.


  1. David Ballweg says:

    Mr. Reed should have received a reward for his drug intervention activities, as accidental as it may have been.

    • Bull… I witnessed the accident and it was horrifying. Only by Grace was there no one else involved.

    • So your idea of “drug intervention activities” consist of striking another person with a moving vehicle?

      You,sir, need the drug intervention. Hope the young man and his family will move on from this with a little more caution of the law, and 78 year old drivers. ( the brakes failed, really?)

  2. anonymous says:

    I disagree. I think Mr. Pollock should get a good lawyer. What right did they have to search his vehicle? People have a right to privacy.

  3. Stay outa my car says:

    Scallywag is wrong on this one- if it was an illeagal search and the driver did not get consent ,it will be thrown out.
    Some of these nazi cops think they can do anything they want – there are laws.
    Dave scallywag – quit trying to force your personal beliefs on everyone else.
    Have you looked in the mirror lately?- how about a diet and health intervention for you?
    Lets have the police check your refrigerator-lol

    • Herb Calhoun says:

      Hey amateur lawyer if it was in plain site it would not have been an illegal search. Because you are hiding behind a fake name does not give you a right to name call and be a disgusting asp.

  4. A Friend of James says:

    From the looks of both vehicles, I’m glad both Mr. Reed and James are okay (well I don’t really know how bad James is, I haven’t seen him). It’s true that Mesquite Police think they are God and do what they want. Kind of like the City Attorney. I see that douche speed (like 45-50 mph) from City Hall down the Blvd. to his home by Primex WHILE he’s texting! However, that is not what I wanted to say… James’ car always smells like weed, so it’s no wonder that the police were curious to know if anything was in there. Does it give them the right to search? Well, no, not really. His family’s ortho offices were right there and his parents should have kept the police out of there, but when one is in an accident I guess there really is no “keep out.” I would get a lawyer, too.

  5. Friend of stay outa my car says:

    Hey Herb, obviously a friend of Dave Scallywag-
    For Scallywag to even suggest that any kind of accident has a positive side is sick,
    And typical of a disgusting ASP.
    Also you can bet the police did a search,and if the owner did not consent,it is illeagal
    And could cost the taxpayers money , due to overzelous police.
    And Dave Scallywag is always trying to force his personal beliefs on this city and all mesquite citizens- of which they obviously do not agree with.
    Dave Scallywag has lost more elections ,public and private than Richard Nixon.
    To embrace and cherish any accident is SICK- stay outa our personal lives MR. SCALLYWAG AND HERB!

  6. Defiantly get a good lawyer. bull they searched his car without consent of the driver even if it smelt like cannibas. People have rights. And “his brakes failed” on his 2015 dodge explorer smh.

  7. Concerned citizen says:

    Freedom of the press, I get it. Whoever decided to put a young man’s name out there for the whole town to see, and to judge is an asshole in my opinion. People make mistakes, there should be some responsibility for reporters not to do this kind of harm. Barbara, Scallywag, and Herb, you’re not good people.

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