Battle Born Media Appoints New MLN Editor

Battle Born Media announced Aug. 1 that it has appointed Barbara Ellestad as Editor of Mesquite Local News effective immediately.Barb

“We are proud to have Barbara join our staff at Mesquite Local News,” said Kirk Kern, chief operating officer of Battle Born Media. “She brings a wealth of knowledge about the local community, issues and organizations to our company. We look forward to tapping her experience in news reporting to enhance the excellent staff we already have in place.”

By joining the MLN team, Ellestad returns to her roots in journalism, having begun with the newspaper as a reporter in 2007 and continuing intermittently through 2011. She created the pioneering and highly successful Mesquite Citizen Journal online-only newspaper in July 2011 and served as its Editor and Publisher until a family crisis caused her to close the business in March 2014.

“It’s quite interesting how life sometimes brings you full circle,” Ellestad commented about her appointment. “I began as a novice reporter with the Mesquite Local News under its then-owners Morris Workman and Cindi Delaney. And now I’m honored to return to the place where I started.

“I’m also proud to be a part of the excellent staff at the MLN. I look forward to working closely with Stephanie Frehner, Burton Weast, Teri Nehrenz and Lou Martin and continue bringing the latest news, information and commentary to the Mesquite community.”

Because Ellestad is a member of the Virgin Valley Water District Board of Directors, she will not be reporting about the Water Board, Kern said. “Our other reporters will continue coverage of the water district issues without any input from her.”

Said Ellestad, “I recognize the importance of drawing a line between my responsibilities to the water district ratepayers and my duties as the MLN Editor. I will not be reporting on any current Water Board activities. In fact, that was one of the conditions of my employment with Battle Born Media.

“After a year and a half of being absent from the news business following my husband’s death, I look forward to getting back to reporting on issues and events important to the Mesquite community. I’ll bring with me some of the popular monthly features we developed on the Mesquite Citizen Journal along with my experience building a vibrant online web presence.”

Ellestad and her husband Scott moved to Mesquite in 2001 from Montana, where they lived for eight years after they both retired from U.S. Air Force active duty. After her retirement, she taught in the Montana State University Department of Computer Science for five years as an Adjunct Professor. After moving to Mesquite, Ellestad taught for University of Phoenix in its online school for five years.

She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Information Systems Management and a second Master of Arts Degree in Management from Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri. She also has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management (magna cum laude) from Park College Parkville, Missouri.

In addition to serving as vice president of the VVWD Board of Directors, Ellestad serves on the Board of Directors for the Greater Mesquite Arts Foundation and the Mesquite Opportunities Regional Fund.

Battle Born Media is a Nevada-based corporation that, in addition to the Mesquite Local News, owns The Ely Times, Mineral County Independent-News, Lincoln County Record, The Eureka Sentinel and the Sparks Tribune.


  1. Maggie Calhoun says:

    Hooray for MLN! Hooray for Barbara! Hooray for all of us!!!! Battle Born Media has taken another step forward in continuing to improve the news reporting for our town.

  2. Jan Sullivan says:

    Woohoo! That is wonderful news and sure to make a good newspaper even better. Welcome back, Barbara!

  3. Alicia Portillo says:

    Wonderful News! A positive highlight for a great team.

  4. Mike Young says:

    What great news! This will add a great deal. To MLN.

  5. ted miller says:

    Ha, I knew you couldn’t stay away. Congratulations

  6. Lou Martin says:

    Hey Barb, welcome back!! I’m so happy for you.
    See you around the first!! Your friend Lou

  7. Dena Hoff says:

    Congratulations Barbara!

  8. Connie Foust says:

    So happy to see you are on board this wonderful paper.

  9. This town recycles the same stale players over and over again.
    Mostly to keep the good ol boy network- a few chosen players benifiet.
    Like geno- any other town he would be locked up for the stuff he pulls- but the good ol boyz got his back like the building on the dump deal- never hear anymore,the average guy does not stand a chance.
    This town is dying,pulte is losing people thus the downtrend continues.
    I bought in pulte in 2007, with the promise of a growing city.
    I sold ladt yr and moved after a few dollar stores and taco bell took the limelight.
    Drive down main st and it looks like a 3rd world country.
    My son who visited last yr and was in iraq said iraq looked better-lol
    Now we have a mayor that thinks a dollar store is great growth.
    Sun city has lost a lot of people and many are refusing to refer there friends as in years past due to the lies and mis-representations.
    I visited ladt month and all the other builders are cranking while pulte is dying.
    Goodnite mesquite , the growth has left the building

  10. So happy!! Always enjoyed your writings!!

  11. Susan Lang says:

    This is great news for our city! I will make MLN a favorite from now on . . .

  12. Well done, Barb! I’m sure we can look forward to some pithy headlines.

  13. Claire & Ron KIrchen says:

    What a gift to our community! What a gfit to us! Welcome back, Barbara!

  14. Margaret says:

    Welcome back! Looking forward to your well versed expertise!

  15. Way to Go! Best darned thing that I’ve heard in a long time. Welcome back home , Barb. Now lets get Susan Lang to do her recipe column again and make Tony “the produce guy” happy.

  16. Teri Nehrenz says:

    Yeah, welcome back! This is great news!

  17. Martin Locke says:

    Do the right thing Mrs Ellestad-follow the truth wherever it leads. Do not protect those who will steal from and victimize your neighbors and readers. Hold elected officials accountable even if they are your friends. It is your job now.

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