Police survey residents’ opinions

The Mesquite Police Department invites Mesquite residents to take a short citizen survey. Information will be used to enhance police services. Go to this link: http://links.mesquitenv.gov/citizensurvey to fill out the anonymous survey.


  1. noneofyourbusiness butiamforced totellyou says:

    i have a scenario for you, since youre asking for it:
    i am drunk and crawling down the sidewalk, vomit on my shirt, and a little blood on my hand. what do you do? we all know what you WOULD do, but what SHOULD you do?? make sure i get home safely. period. your job description is protect and serve. it is SAD “law enforcement”, a term i actually hate, enforces the state’s bullshit on its people so aggressively that we are forced to defend ourselves with high priced attorneys!! you are nothing more than mercenaries with state protection. who does that sound like??? i will give you a hint.. german, started WW2…

    since when are you afraid for your life when a 35 pound dog approaches you??? you are 3 and a half feet TALLER than that stupid dog and it probably WONT EVEN BITE YOU, but you jagoffs believe you are above any punishment if you say the right thing; which i might add lying on an official document is PERJURY. you are supposed to be accustomed to things that would scare most people, INCLUDING gunshots, so why is your first instinct to kill a dog when a firm slap on its nose is sufficient?? maybe ask the homeowner to restrain the dog BEFORE entering THEIR home?? or maybe even put your foot against the screen door so the animal CANNOT come out even when it breaks free?? a dog is at your door before you even open the car door and you get out anyway???? DONT GET OUT!! you people are SUPPOSED to be intelligent and brave, but some of you claim to be afraid over simple everyday objects. just because you claim to be afraid for your life does not mean you actually are; nor does it mean you get to shoot whatever the f.. you want!! how about calling animal control when a dog is on the loose instead of approaching it with your gun drawn and antagonizing the creature into defending ITSELF???? the postal carriers have anti-dog technology, but “law enforcement” does not?? just because bullets are cheaper does not mean they should be used FIRST!!

    you get a call from a homeowner at 1am for a burglary suspect.. what do you do?? sneak around their property, IN BLACK, hoping to surprise someone that PROBABLY has a weapon??? not real smart as far as i am concerned!! how about announcing there are police present via MEGAPHONE instead of sneaking around the home of an ALREADY scared homeowner that is PROBABLY packin’ heat?? yes, is sucks you are going to wake people from their slumber from using the megaphone but it is alot better than killing the homeowner on accident, or worse getting YOURSELF killed because you have not identified yourselves to the “hard of hearing” homeowner! why not light up the entire block up so you can actually see what is going on?? spotlights work when you use them and it also deters the thief when he/she knows police are present.

    it is more sickening that someone can be arrested for public intoxication when it is legal to buy alcohol. calling me combative does not mean i am intoxicated; or even violent!! i can be combative for ANY reason I decide WHENEVER i want to be. i am combative right NOW, but i have not harmed anyone. the term “intoxicated” is vague and abused far too often. there are so many ways to get taken to jail that i am literally afraid to go out at night; much less have a (expletive deleted for fear of arrest) adult beverage.

    it should be legal to drink a beer walking down the street, but nooooo the communist regime wont allow it!!! it is legal to drink alcohol at a certain age, so why not let everyone do it WHEREVER they please?? oh, the STATE says NO!! my passengers should be allowed to drink alcohol in the car as long as the driver has not been, but again, NOT UP IN HERE!! EVERYONE has a breathalyzer so why not start trusting technology YOU trust for OUR benefit for once; not to throw the book at us whenever you think you can get away with it??? open container from last night i forgot to throw away?? you can actually refuse to give me a breathalyzer and take me to jail for dwi anyway???? wow. again, expletive deleted for fear of reprisal!!!

    since when is not wearing a seatbelt a CRIME?? oh yea, the STATE says so!! since when is not signaling a lane change so endangering i should be harassed and INTERROGATED for it???? where am i going?? none of your dam business, but you guys want me to be forced to tell you.

    lets not even get started on asset forfeiture!!!

    the callousness at which stupid laws are enforced is what everyone is so angry about!!! i agree your profession is a VERY difficult one and we DO appreciate your efforts, but when you blindly, and aggressively, enforce stupid laws on us the only thing you are doing is driving a wedge between you and us, the people, YOUR neighbors. we love you, but YOU dont love US!!! i am not a criminal even when i am jacked up on someone ELSE’S oxycodone, but alas the stupid felonies continue..

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