Goodbye Southern

To the Editor:

I am so happy that our Senior Senator Harry Reid is spending the remaining days of a long and illustrious career focusing on the vital national interest of changing the names of sports teams. This is a problem that has been pushed aside for too long and thank goodness he has the courage to tackle it. I think he should also be concerned that he lives in Clark County, a geographical area referred to as SOUTHERN Nevada. Everyone knows that the “S” word is a symbol of racism and slavery and should be stricken from our lexicon. The days when we could proudly refer to ourselves as SOUTHERN Nevadans has passed along with all the other stereotypical slights that were prevalent in the last century. I don’t know how old Mr. Reid is but could he possibly believe this is still part of Lincoln County? In any event, this is a problem that can no longer be overlooked and I’m calling on our Senior Senator to do something about it. How does Lower Nevada sound?

Jimmy Wike



  1. I currently work in SOUTHERN California. It is called SOUTHERN California to geographically differentiate it from NORTHERN California. There is ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER SYMBOLISM to connotate from it.
    Seems like you need to quit drinking the Kool-aid.

  2. Shelley Cranley says:

    Thank you, Jimmy, for pointing out just how ridiculous our esteemed Senior Senator has become! It’s a shame that he’s retiring…he must have at least another 20 years of good work representing southern and northern Nevada inside the beltway!…not…

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