Best of Mesquite 2015 Ballot

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1. Best of Mesquite Rules

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  1. J.Browder says:

    Eureka all the way food room and fun!!

  2. D.Sneegas says:

    Eureka!!! Love to visit and always enjoy my stay as everyon is friendly and pleases the guest. Bingo crew is fantastic and slot area is clean and fun and theTown Square is my favorite places to eat and cant say enough about George as he is one of a kind and as always great to see him and enjoy all upcoming events. Go Eureka!!!

  3. Donald Larsen says:

    We are from Vegas but live in Laughlin. But, EUREKA is our favorite! Love our frequent trips to Mesquite and Eureka to relax!

  4. F.E. Johnson says:

    We used to go to mesquite sometimes 2 or 3 times a month. We would win alittle one time and loose alittle the next time, but we always had a great time. But in the past few years all we do every time we have been there has been to loose. I think the machines have been set to never pay. We have also found that because we do not come down as often, that our being able to get a room on a weekend is impossible. The last time I had a room on the weekend was over a year ago and at that time I won $10,000 but have never been offered a room on the weekend since. So instead of comming to mesquite which is 287 miles from Spanish Fork Ut. we now spend most of our time in Wendover. I have complained before but my complaints seem to fall on deaf ears. I play the High Limit machines only. $5.00 $10.00 and $25.00 machines. I am a Platinum Card holder in Wendover Meaning I spend atleast $60,000 per year on the machines. Never am I turned down for a room in Wendover like I have been in Mesquite. I hear the same complaint from many of the people that used to come there. The word is if you are a Golfer and don’t waste your money in the Casino you can get a room anytime. But if you once were a loyal customer of the Casino your better off to go somewhere other than Mesquite because someone in the casinos never looks at past history and try’s to keep the loyal customers happy. They think because the computer says they haven’t been there for awhile they should be dropped from any rooms or tournements. and simply catter to the locals. Unless things change in the near future I think the casinos will be hurting much more very soon than they are right now. I for one will have to see a big change before we will be comming down again. (I don’t know why I even bother to make any comments, It’s never worked before.)

  5. Orlando. Archunde says:

    The place for me

  6. carol buscher says:

    One thing my husband and I will comment on is the food in the buffet is not too desireable and the menu in the cafe needs to have more choices added to it. It is very bla. The same ole thing. The hot dogs should never have been removed and also the shrimp cocktails that were there also.It would even be nice if they had another restaurant .

  7. I like playing at the Eureka but I never get free rooms from Eureka. They send me $10 for our Biirthday.
    If I am going to Mesquite, I would like a free night or some incentive. I never get free play or use our points. I find that I will go down the street to Casa. You need to advertise to bring us Utah people back!

  8. roberta snyder says:

    I love the eureka! I come there once or twice a year to visit my sister….who is a snowbird from NY. They have a place near there and spend several months out of the year there. They go to the Eureka almost everyday…and yes they miss the hot dogs! we all love the sunday brunch…everybody is so friendly and happy…especially George! i love the decor of the Mason St café… it reminds me of my home in the san francisco area! it is always the treat we get when we come. They play in the slot tournaments…and I really enjoy the variety of penny slot machines. My husband likes to play the keno but you don’t have it there.

  9. Mike Jacobson says:

    I think Eureka is great!. I am a mid-level player and they always take great care of me. The casino hosts and managers are very friendly. The casino manager Myron always remembers my name and asks me how my golf game is. Eureka is by far the best casino in Mesquite!

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