Gun Free Zones

The tragic shooting in Charleston last week resulted in a new call to ban or confiscation of guns. However as many pointed out South Carolina has some of the strictest gun laws on the books. Yet the crazy young man got a gun anyway. This caused Karl Rove, GOP strategist to state “the only way to prevent this kind of travesty is to repeal the 2nd amendment to the Constitution”.

Repealing the Second Amendment would remove the right of the people to have guns which is very similar to many countries which have total bans like our neighbor Mexico. That’s a great example of bad guys still getting all the guns they want. It doesn’t take much vision, to see how that has worked out.

In all countries with gun bans, only the bad guys have guns and plenty of them. Here in America some of the big cities have almost a total ban on public gun possession and the bad guys run wild. Some say increasing the penalty for using a gun, but that would not have prevented Charleston from happing; this guy didn’t care what the penalty was.

How do we stop them, you can’t. Ban guns, they get them anyway or they use a different tool. Increase penalty, they don’t care, most plan on dying anyway. Increase police, still can’t get there in time. There is simply no way to stop this kind of crime and we do see it all over the world. The good news is in the overall scheme of things and thankfully it is a very small number of incidents.

Civilization can change many things but it can’t control all human behavior. There will always be a few people who act in unpredictable ways. One interesting thing about most of these types is that they are cowards and don’t want to face opposition so they go to Gun Free Zones.   Would any of them go into a bar frequented by police officers to rob it? You don’t have to guess why not; they all have guns in there and know how to use them.

Then why don’t we ban “Gun Free Zones”? Everyone doesn’t have to be armed; in fact no one may have a gun but who knows. Sandy Hook was a gun free school for kids, no opposition. In Colorado it was a “Gun Free” Movie theater. Charleston, a “Gun Free” Church. Maybe some people are trying to ban the wrong thing. Think about it.

In almost all incidents these shootings take place where there would be no opposition. The shooter would be unchallenged by someone who might have had a weapon.  Texas recently passed a school carry bill which would allow staff to carry a weapon after being trained. It has a provision for some schools to Op-out. If someone were a bad guy wanting to attack a school which one would they pick?

“Gun Free Zones” are big lit up signs saying if you bring your gun here, don’t worry you will be the only one armed. Sadly Nevada Senate Committee blocked a school carry law so the kids here are still at risk. But isn’t it time to rethink this problem?


  1. Liberty Shirl says:

    I would say this is the most sensible and easy to understand article on gun free zones. I love the idea to BAN “Gun Free Zones”, which is the opposite of what many are calling for. Mike you are 100% correct. It is time to rethink this problem and admit what many are trying to do by banning guns is going to do the opposite of what they intend.

    The more guns the less crime! Criminals do not care about obeying laws and they are all about using their “gun power” against those unarmed. The more armed the less chance of a crime. So let’s do Ban “Gun Free Zones”.

    Those that understand this article will be the ones still able to think for themselves, and those not, well maybe it is time to learn to start thinking for yourselves.

  2. David Bennett says:

    “A shoot-out is better than a massacre!” – Pro-gun mind set.

    “Waiting one’s turn to be executed is tactically superior to firing back … it is just common-sense!” – Anti-gun mind set.

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