Credit Card Fraud Scheme Results in Two Arrests

On June 5 at approximately 2 p.m., Mesquite Police Officers responded to the Smiths Grocery Store regarding two females acting suspicious around the cash registers.  Officer located the two females as they were attempting to leave the area.  Both females were uncooperative and were detained for investigative purposes.  After gathering evidence from Smiths grocery store and conducting formal interviews with both females, officers were able to determine the females were involved in an organized crime scheme using multiple fake and stolen credit cards.  The female suspects were attempting to transfer money from the fake credit cards by purchasing gift cards.  Once the investigation was complete, both females were placed under arrest and transported to the Clark County Detention Center.

Ebony Fields

Ebony Fields

Ebony Fields, 34, of Fresno, CA, was arrested and charged with: Thirty-two felony counts of possession of fake credit cards, felony use of false or altered identification, and misdemeanor obstructing a police officer.

Lataya Lindsey

Lataya Lindsey

Lataya Lindsey, 28, of Sacramento, CA, was arrested and charged with: Eighteen felony counts of possession of fake credit cards, felony attempt fraudulent uses of credit cards, and misdemeanor obstructing a police officer.

The Mesquite Police Department would like to take this opportunity to remind the public to immediately notify your banking institution and police department if your credit/debit cards become lost or stolen.  Also notify your banking institution if you see suspicious activity on your credit/debit card bills.


  1. Fifthook Media says:

    Socialist California is currently releasing their prisoners and crooks back into society due to prison overcrowding, and these thugs are ruining many communities across the state (I currently live in Hemet, Ca where this is happening and we call it the zombi-fication of Hemet). It appears these crooks from Calif. are trying to migrate to areas where they think it will be easy to do their scams and crimes, however, the MPD is on it! Nice work MPD, and thanks for being PROACTIVE.

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