Then what?

To the Editor:

As soon as a 13 year old grandson expressed how awful it was walking thru the smoky casino, why would anyone insist on eating there?  This town does not require anyone to be exposed to second hand smoke when patronizing a restaurant.  No restaurants allow smoking on the premise and there are several in town that do not require ingress through a smokey casino. The real issue is smoker vs non-smoker.  No one makes anyone go into the smokey casino, and I guess if it ever becomes a financial bonanza for casinos to ban smoking it will be done.

Okay, we ban smoking, what’s next?  Maybe someone will ban alcohol because it is not real good for anyone either.  If the issue of second hand smoke is important to anyone they should refrain from going into the establishment.  It would probably be better for their wallet.

Lee Bailess



  1. I am not sure if you are for banning or against and I am not here to pick fights. I just wish people would consider others sometimes. If a person chooses to drink alcohol it effects their body not mine. I can stand right next to them and not have any ill effects. This town is horrible when it comes to second hand smoke, some smokers are so inconsiderate of others. For me secondhand smoke is a matter of life and death and I do choose to stay away from casinos and places that allow smoking. But have you been to Wal-mart or Smiths lately? You’ve got ash trays right at the front door and you’ve usually got people huffing and puffing their last drag before entering the store. Or they lay them their still burning. I am a mom of 4 kids, and have a lung disease. Every breath is a struggle for me. I need to be able to provide for my family without worrying about my health!!! So frustrating!!!

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  3. Tami O'Brien says:

    I would like to know if there is access to restaurants within the casinos that doesn’t involve walking through the smokey casinos. Are there entry ways from directly outside?

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