South side of city loses power

There wasn’t a lot of rain or strong winds Monday night in Mesquite, but that didn’t keep the south side of I-15 residents, including Bunkerville, from losing power at 8:22 p.m. for about an hour.

According to Keith Buchhalter, a combination of vibration and continuous exposure to the elements of our weather in Southern Nevada contributed to an arm brace on the 69KV power line that feeds power to that side of the valley from coming apart and falling down, causing the outage.

“Our crews worked fast and safely last night,” said Buchhalter. “They did a fantastic job in restoring power effectively.”

At the time of the outage, the crews rerouted power around the broken equipment so that residents could resume their evening uninterrupted. A total of 2,234 meters in the area were affected.


  1. Carol Thatcher says:

    We are always losing power with phone, internet etc. I may switch back to Reliance again because Baja can’t get their act together.

  2. SICK OF BAJA says:

    I have been in 3rd world countries where cable tv a internet are better and more
    Reliable than BAJA.
    I now have direct tv but internet with BAJA and it sucks.
    Outages all the time -some short ,some long.
    And then the fun begins- you call BAJA and the moorons you have to deal with are unbelivable.
    If there were a viable alternitive ,i would take it in a heartbeat,but with RELIANCE ,
    you cannot just do internet,you have to take phone service ,too.
    Mesquite BAJA internet- a 3rd world provider-lol

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